Soda Dungeon 2 Best Pets Guide

I’ve really been enjoying Soda Dungeon 2 lately and thought I’d make some quick references for people a bit confused like I was. The wiki has been very useful for me as well! Just a quickie today, which pets should I use in Soda Dungeon 2?


Pets each provide a 1-2% boost of a certain stat per level, and level up to level 8 at maximum. They’re leveled simply by bringing them along with you as you defeat enemies, and your first pet is free.

Pets can all be comfortably bought without caps by grinding for coins mid-game, though if you have caps left over, buying one of the better 1M coins pets to help you grind early isn’t the worst idea. But I’d save your caps for major features like the speed up clock (my favorite) if you can.

Best Pet in Soda Dungeon 2

So what’s the best pet? It depends! These pets are you most likely best bet, but with a specific build in mind, the others may still come in handy.

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