Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium: Fusion Fish & Farms Guide

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Fusion Fish are created in the new Fusion tab of the Fish menu. Fusion fish are special fish created using a base fish and some “farm materials” such as Seaweed, Calms, etc. Making a Fusion fish generally adds to the base multiplier of all Vitality you earn, potentially multiplying Vitality several thousand times over!

AbyssRium Guide Index

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Fusion Fish

Fusion Fish can be created with the “Fish Plus” icon subtab at the top of the main Fish tab. This is an important feature of the game for maximizing Vitality and also used in some new Events but it’s not explained in the game’s tutorial at all, so I’ve included all you need to know here.. Important Fusion notes:

  • You’ll want to start gathering Farm Materials like Seaweed as soon as possible
  • Only one fish at most is “consumed” when fusing, it’s not really “fusion”
    • Additionally, the next fish price and base vitality multiplier remain the same as well, so nothing is really lost, just transferred
  • Layering of multipliers is additive rather than multiplicative
    • Two 10% multipliers result in 20% more than base vitality, not 21%
    • You can check your total multiplier at any time in the Manage Fish menu
  • Converting a fish will reduce its count for the Collection
    • Any completed Collections will remain finished regardless and no negative side effects will happen
    • It’s best not to worry too much about this unless you’re actively chasing a collection. You’ll need DL vitality to complete the last Collections, and in the stretch from AC to DL you’ll have plenty of time to create spare fish for Collection and Fusion
  • A few of the new Fusion Fish don’t have a base fish
    • These can be created without “consuming” a fish but have far lower multipliers and cost large amounts of Seaweed/etc

Farm Materials

In the Coral tab there are now Farms in the Seaweed/Crab subtab at the top right. Farms slowly produce materials used in Fish Fusion like Seaweed, Crabs, Clams, etc. This makes them very very important, as Fusion fish add to your fish variety and increase your vitality earning rate!

You’ll also be needed a stockpile of Fusion materials for Events to fuse prior year’s Event fish. You can instantly produce Materials by consuming Pearls at a rate of one pearl per minute, but it’s extremely wasteful to do so and AbyssRium is a slow game. Just wait, there are far better things to spend Pearls on. Just unlock each farm and let waiting do it’s thing. Note that it costs a day’s worth of pearls to speed up a mere 50 minutes of production for a single resource!

Note that if you mess with the clock, change Timezones, or load a save from the cloud, your farms timers may temporarily be longer than they should. If, say, the seaweed farm is over 10 minutes away from being done, it will reset back to being a 10 minute timer as soon as the first timer is done. It’s just an anti-cheating method that will reset itself.

Seaweed Farm
  • Fresh Seaweed Coral required
  • Price: 50 Pearls
  • Rate: 10 Seaweed every 10 minutes
  • You can earn the 50 Pearls for the Seaweed farm in a single day by completing the Daily Mission at the Trophy icon. It’s important to unlock this farm as soon as possible.
Clam Farm
  • Mysterious Starfish required
  • Price: 300 Seaweed
  • Rate: 10 Clams every 60 minutes
Sea Urchin Farm
  • Price: 300 Clams
  • Rate: 10 Sea Urchins every 120 minutes
Crab Farm
  • Price: 300 Sea Urchins
  • Rate: 10 Crabs every 3 hours
Krill Farm
  • Price: 300 Crabs
  • Rate: 10 Krill every 5 hours
Assistant Sea Otter Exploit

If you own the Assistant Sea Otter (one of those infuriating time-limited IAPs that has already expired), you can use this exploit to get more materials.

Fusion Fish Efficiency

Thanks to /u/FarmerLesbian, fellow AbyssRium subreddit mod, here’s a chart of how “efficient” each Fusion fish is. Higher numbers in the far right column are “better”, though what’s actually best depends on what fish you have to spare for Fusion, how much of each resource you have stockpiled, etc.

These values assume you have 0 of any material and have equal access to all fish for simplicity. Updated chart here. The below chart is out of date because it’s a lot of work and frankly really doesn’t matter a whole lot.

FishCostSeaweedClamsUrchinsCrabsMinimum time (hours)BonusBonus
Bonus: Cost (x1000)
Common Dolphin0/80/40/2508040258.000.500.060.355
D. Damsel
BW Chromis
S Dottyback
Flatback Turtle0/60/30/2006030206.000.400.070.370
G. Chromis100/20/510020502.
Red Lobsters200/30/15200301503.330.050.020.094
Saltwater Croc0/100/60/300100603012.
V. Puffer
S. Seahorse

The difference between bonus:time and bonus:cost depends on whether you rate the resource cost (probably the best way to go) or the absolute minimum time to purchase an item. Generally the Butterflies are best if you have few Urchins but many of the other resources, while there’s a 5 way tie for most efficient if you’re starting from scratch.

Clownfish are also impressively effective considering their low cost, needing only one type of material. Really, you can’t go particularly wrong other than the Lobsters and Bonito; those two have drastically lower payouts to compensate for them not requiring a base fish.

Fusion Fish List & Hidden Fusion Fish

Most Fusion fish are quite straightforward; own two of the Base Fish listed and the fish will be available to create in the Fusion subtab of the Fish tab. There are a few Hidden Fusion Fish which cause some confusion; unlike all other Hidden Fish these two are found at the Fusion Fish tab, not the normal fish tab.

June Update Fusion Fish
  • Copperband Butterflyfish
    • Requires 2 Lined Butterfly
  • Lemon Sea Slug
    • 2 Sea Slug
  • Purple Sea Slug
    • 2 Sea Slug
  • Yellow Frogfish
    • 2 Yellow Boxfish
  • African Pompano
    • 2 Gulper Eel
  • Six Line Wrasse
    • Springer Dottyback
    • Seaweed farm
  • Moon Wrasse
    • 2 Springer Dottyback
    • Seaweed farm
  • Blue Line Seaslug
    • 2 Sea Slug
    • Clam farm
  • Abstract Point Sea Slug
    • 2 Sea Slug
    • Clam farm
  • Flame Head Squid
    • 2 Cuttlefish
    • Sea urchin farm
  • Striped Pajama Squid
    • 2 Vampire Squid
    • Sea urchin farm
  • Big Ballan Wrasse
    • 2 Blue Parrotfish
    • Crab farm
  • Napoleon Wrasse
    • 2 Mahi Mahi
    • Crab farm
  • Pygmy Killer Whale
    • 2 Commerson
    • Crab farm
    • Mispelled as Pigmy
  • Northern Right Whale Dolphin
    • 2 Pink Dolphin
    • Krill farm
March Fusion Update fish

I sorted out the 10 new fish for ease of reference for long time players.

  • Sunshine Chromis
    • 2 Bluegreen Chromis
  • Red Chromis
    • 2 Black Bar Chromis
  • Golden Puffer
    • 2 Camel Cowfish
  • Papuan Toby Puffer
    • 2 Camel Cowfish
  • Thorny Seahorse
    • 2 Orange Seahorse
  • Tiger Tail Seahorse
    • 2 Brazilian Seahorse
  • Grey Seal
    • 2 Bottlenose Dolphin
  • Elephant Seal
    • 2 Irrawaddy Dolphin
  • Angular Rough Shark
    • 2 Thresher Shark
  • Risso’s Dolphin
    • 2 Pantropical Spotted Dolphin
  • Pink Skunk Clownfish
    • Base fish: Percula Clownfish x2
    • Material: 50 seaweed
    • Vitality bonus: 5%
  • Wyoming White Clownfish
    • Base fish: Red Clownfish x2
    • Material: 50 seaweed
    • Vitality bonus: 5%
  • Juggalo Clownfish
    • Base fish: Blue Clownfish x2
    • Material: 50 seaweed
    • Vitality bonus: 5%
  • Firecracker Goby
    • Base fish: Fire Goby
    • Material: 50 seaweed, 10 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 10%
  • Pretty Rose Goby
    • Base fish: Blue Banded Goby
    • Material: 50 seaweed, 10 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 10%
  • Skunk Tilefish
    • Base fish: Helfrich’s Firefish
    • Material: 50 seaweed, 10 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 10%
  • Wheeler’s Shrimp Goby
    • Base fish: Scissortail Goby
    • Material: 50 seaweed, 10 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 10%
  • Half Black Mimic Tang
    • Base fish: Powder Blue Tang
    • Material: 75 seaweed, 15 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 15%
  • Sailfin Tang
    • Base fish: Achilles Tang
    • Material: 75 seaweed, 15 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 15%
  • White Tail Tang
    • Base fish: Clown Tang
    • Material: 75 seaweed, 15 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 15%
  • White Tang
    • Base fish: Yellow Tang
    • Material:75 seaweed, 15 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 15%
  • Bluespine Unicorn Tang
    • Base fish: Convict Tang
    • Material: 75 seaweed, 15 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 15%
  • Neon Velvet Damsel
    • Base fish: Blue Fin Damsel
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 20 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 20%
  • Pink Smith Damsel
    • Base fish: Bluegreen Chromis
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 20 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 20%
  • Three Stripe Damsel
    • Base fish: Black Bar Chromis
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 20 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 20%
  • Bandit Angel
    • Base fish: Asfur Angel
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 40 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 30%
  • Lemon Peel Angel
    • Base fish: Peppermint Angel
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 40 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 30%
  • Maze Angel
    • Base fish: Scribbled Angelfish
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 40 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 30%
  • Panda Bicolor Angel
    • Base fish: Bicolor Angel
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 40 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 30%
  • Wantabe Angel
    • Base fish: Queen Angelfish
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 40 clams
    • Vitality bonus: 30%
  • Domino Damsel
    • Base Fish: Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish
    • Material: 200 seaweed, 30 Clams, 5 Sea Urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 25%
  • Black and White Chromis
    • Base Fish:  Cross Damsel
    • Material: 200 seaweed, 30 Clams, 5 Sea Urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 25%
  • Strawberry Dottyback
    • Base fish: Orchid Dottyback
    • Material: 200 seaweed, 30 Clams, 5 Sea Urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 25%
  • Foureye Butterfly
    • Base Fish:  Burgess Butterfly
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 40 clams, and 5 sea urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 35%
  • Longnose Butterfly
    • Base Fish: Raccoon Butterfly
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 40 clams, and 5 sea urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 35%
  • Porcupine Puffer
    • Base Fish: Camel Cowfish
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 40 clams, and 5 sea urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 40%
  • Valentinni’s Sharpnose Puffer
    • Unlock: This is not actually a hidden fish. Just have 2 Eastern Smooth Boxfish and the Sea Urchin farm to unlock it
      • It does have a glitchy secondary unlock which can activate “early”, but it’s entirely irrelevant since you can’t actually create it without fulfilling the regular conditions anyway.
    • Base Fish: Eastern Smooth Boxfish
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 20 clams, 20 sea urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 40%
  • Sindonis Seahorse
    • Base Fish: Orange seahorse
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 20 clams, 20 sea urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 40%
  • Red Lobsters (Hidden)
    • Unlock: Use Delicous Food 100 times
      • Did you know most lobsters only turn red during cooking?
        • RIP
    • Base Fish: None
    • Material: 200 seaweed, 30 Clams, 15 Sea Urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 5%
  • Bonito (Hidden)
    • Unlock: Take a picture of Bonito. Yes, like the Marlin…
    • Base Fish: None
    • Material: 600 seaweed, 90 Clams, 45 Sea Urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 15%
  • Yellowline Goby
    • Base Fish: Yellow Watchman Goby
      • 3 needed to unlock
    • Material: 50 seaweed, 10 clams
    • Vitality Bonus: 10%
  • Green Chromis
    • Base Fish: Black and Gold Damsel
      • 3 needed to unlock
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 20 clams, 5 Sea Urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 25%
  • Masked Angelfish
    • Base Fish: French Angel
      • 3 needed to unlock
      • Doesn’t appear to count forwards Peppermint Angel, oddly.
    • Material: 100 seaweed, 40 clams
    • Vitality Bonus: 30%
  • Flatback Turtle (Hidden)
    • Unlock: Own 20 kinds of Fusion Fish
    • Base Fish: Kemps Ridley
    • Material: 60 clams, 30 sea urchins, 20 Crabs
    • Vitality Bonus: 40%
  • Right Whale Dolphin (Hidden)
    • Unlock: Own 30 kinds of Fusion Fish
    • Base Fish: Bottlenose Dolphin
    • Material: 80 clams, 40 sea urchins, 25 Crabs
    • Vitality Bonus: 50%
    • Formerly incorrectly called “Common Dolphin”
  • Tomato Clownfish
    • Unlock: Own 3 Snowflake Clownfish
    • Base Fish: Snowflake Clownfish
    • Material: 50 Seaweed
    • Vitality Bonus: 5%
  • Golden Dottyback
    • Unlock: Own 3 Diadem Dottyback
    • Base Fish: Diadem Dottyback
    • Material:  100 Seaweed, 20 Clams, 5 Sea Urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 15%
  • Speckled Butterflyfish
    • Unlock: Own 3 Springer Dottyback
    • Base Fish:
    • Material: 100 Seaweed, 40 Clams, 5  Sea Urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 15%
  • Salmon Snailfish
    • Unlock: Own 3 Panther Grouper
    • Base Fish: Panther Grouper
    • Material:  40 Clams, 25 Sea Urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 25%
  • Houndfish 
    • Unlock: Own 3 Gulper Eel
    • Base Fish: Gulper Eel
    • Material:  60 Clams, 30 Sea Urchins, 20 Crabs
    • Vitality Bonus: 40%
  • Porcupine Ray
    • Unlock: 3 Spotted Eagle Ray
    • Base Fish: Spotted Eagle Ray
    • Material:  60 Clams, 30 Sea Urchins, 20 Crabs
    • Vitality Bonus: 40%
  • Albacore Tuna
    • Unlock: Own 35 kinds of Fusion Fish
    • Base Fish: Cuttlefish
    • Material:  80 Clams, 40 Sea Urchins, 25 Crabs
    • Vitality Bonus: 50%
  • Blacktip Reef Shark
    • Unlock: Own 3 Thresher Shark
      • Taking a picture of a hammerhead seems to also work for some reason
    • Base Fish: Thresher Shark
    • Material: 80 Clams, 40 Sea Urchins, 25 Crabs
    • Vitality Bonus: 50%
  • Eightbanded Butterflyfish
    • Unlock: Own 3 Lined Butterfly
    • Base Fish:  Lined Butterfly
    • Materials: 200 Seaweed, 30 Clams, 15 Urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 25%
  • Red Gurnard
    • Unlock: Own 3 Blobfish
    • Base Fish: Blobfish
    • Materials: 40 Clams, 25 Urchins
    • Vitality Bonus: 25%
  • Olive Ridley Turtle
    • Unlock: Own 3 Loggerhead Turtles
    • Base Fish: Loggerhead Turtle
    • Materials: 60 Clams, 50 Urchins, 20 Crabs
    • Vitality Bonus: 40%
  • Wahoo
    • Unlock: Take a picture of Wahoo (yes, like the infamous Striped Marlin)
      • No, you cannot take a picture of Bonito to unlock wahoo, that glitch was fixed many months ago
    • Base Fish: Colossal Squid
    • Materials: 80 Clams, 40 Urchins, 25 Crabs
    • Vitality Bonus: 50%
  • Nurse Shark
    • Unlock: Own 40 kinds of Fusion Fish
    • Base Fish: Zebra Bullhead Shark
    • Materials: 100 Clams, 50 Urchins, 30 Crabs
    • Vitality Bonus: 50%
  • Barrier Reef Chromis
    • Own 3 Naso Tang
  • Zoster Butterflyfish
    • Own 2 Moorish Idol
  • Saddle Butterflyfish
    • Take 3 pictures of Triangle Butterfly
  • White Bar Boxfish
    • Own 2 Longhorn Cowfish
  • Wartskin Frogfish
    • Own 3 Hatchet Fish
  • Orange Roughy
    • Leave a Sea Pig in the tank for an hour (only one sea pig)
  • Zebra Seahorse
    • Share 3 pictures of black seahorse
  • Lettuce Sea Slug
    • Own 3 Moon Jellyfish
  • Black Sea Turtle
    • Own Krill Farm and 2 Green Sea Turtles
  • Allonautilus
    • Use Delicious Food Skill 300 times
  • Yellowfin Tuna
    • Take picture of Yellowfin Tuna (yes, a fifth? marlin)
  • Bluefin Tuna
    • Take picture of Bluefin Tuna (haha yes good cool fun nice game design)
  • Hector Dolphin 
    • Open Mystery Chest 100 times
  • Tucuxi
    •  Own 45 Fusion Fish types
  • Cownose Ray
    • Own Krill Farm and 2 Manta Rays
  • Chevron Manta Ray
    • Cast Volcanic Eruption 150 times
      • Counter starts after you got the update, unlike most other counters here
  • Whitetip Shark
    • Own 3 Hammerhead sharks
  • Sixgill Shark
    • Own Krill Farm, 2 Basking Sharks
  • Angel Shark
    • Own 50 Fusion Fish types
  • Whitecheek Shark
    • Cast Song of the Moon 200 times
      • Counter starts after you got the update
  • False Killer Whale
    • Keep exactly 3 Killer Whales in the tank for 30 minutes
  • Right Whale
    • Requires Krill Farm
    • 2 Sperm Whale
  • Gray Whale
    • Own 55 Fusion Fish types
  • Minke Whale
    • Own 60 Fusion Fish types
    • Cost: 1 Blue Whale, 180 clams, 125 urchins, 100 crabs, 75 krill
    • Bonus: 65%
  • Bryde’s Whale
    • Own 70 Fusion Fish types
Expired Limited Fusion Fish

None of these fish can be obtained as Fusion Fish anymore. Some of them have returned in the Hiding Fish gachapon, and the last remaining one may eventually end up there too.

  • Monk Seal (Limited Time)
    • Available until March 30th.
    • Base Fish: None
    • Material: 120 Clams, 80 Sea Urchins, 40 Crabs
    • Vitality Bonus: 10%
  • Manatee (Limited Time Event)
    • Available until February 26th
    • Base fish: None
    • Material: 120 Clams, 80 Sea Urchins, 40 Crabs
    • Vitality bonus: 10%
    • Now a Hiding Fish in the clam menu
  • Saltwater Crocodile (Limited Time Event)
    • Available until January 25th
    • Base fish: None
    • Material: 100 Clams, 60 Sea Urchins, 30 Crabs
    • Vitality bonus: 10%
    • Now a Hiding Fish in the clam menu
  • Marine Otter (Limited Time Event)
    • Base fish: None
    • Material: 400 Seaweed, 60 Clams, 30 Sea Urchins
    • Vitality bonus: 10%
    • Available for a month, until the start of October
    • Now a Hiding Fish in the clam menu

Birthdays The Beginning Trophy Guide – All Achievements

Due to a bit of a bug, Birthdays The Beginning has a nearly impossible Platinum Trophy but it does still work; info for every trophy is included here! Feel free to use the comments if you have a question or info to share.


2018-03-04: The trophy is confirmed possible thanks to Tanuzomi on twitter: It takes 10+ billion cube years or about 600 hours of gametime, however. 

2017-06-23: Possibly not. The update notes claim Riding the Waves of Time to have been reduced to 3 billion cube years, but it is not. For now the platinum should be considered effectively impossible. It’s possible the unlock either doesn’t work or it may still be 100 billion cube years (requiring whole months of leaving your PS4 on at all times)

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Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Striped Marlin / Visiting Fish Guide

Update 2018-07-06: As of the 2nd Anniversary Event update, it appears the “visiting” fish like the Marlin have a vastly increased appearance rate. Hopefully they should no longer be an issue.

More than any other fish the Striped Marlin in Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium has driven fans (and by extension, me) insane. So I decided hey, just make a single, extremely direct post to gather all the information into one place. If you’re looking for info on Hidden Fish in general, or any other game info, see my complete AbyssRium Guide.

tl;dr: There is absolutely nothing you can do to increase your chance of seeing the marlin (other than own the star horn coral which is required).

Since the early days, the following fish were added, all of which work completely identically to the Marlin and are unlocked in a possibly random sequence:

  • Striped Marlin
  • Bonito
  • Wahoo
  • Yellow Fin Tuna
  • Blue Fin Tuna

If you enjoy my guides, please consider contributing to my Patreon to help me make even more, higher-quality guides & articles! With enough funds I can reduce or even remove ads as well!

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Potion Maker Game Guide – Events, Fairies & Other Info!

Potion Maker is a hard game to describe, something like a very simple Item Shop management game mixed with a Clicker game but without the Idle aspect. Potion Maker is available for iOS and Android. Here you’ll find info on how to make the most of what Potion Maker gives you, unlock the unlockables, and perform the best you can in the time-limited Events.

Feel free to comment if you have a question or any information to share!

Game Info

Title: Potion Maker
Release date: ?
Platforms: iOS, Android
Developer: Sinsiroad
Genre: Idle Game/Clicker
Price: Free to Play with minor ads & In App Purchase
Always Online: No
Gambling Element (Gachapon/Loot Boxes): No


Potion Maker Events

Potion Maker has Events that happen about twice a month and have special Requests, as well as unique conditions to earn up to two special outfits for one of the characters.

Generally events cycle so there’s one event for Pio outfits then one for Tia outfits. The Event Requests can be completed with any NPC quest-giving character with equal success rate regardless of NPC level, and should be considered a very high priority as they unlock extremely good rewards, such as tons of Likeability and event-exclusive fairies. Try to take on every request you possibly can.

If the event says “fulfill request X times” you need to wait for an NPC to come with a Quest (not a Challenge Quest with a crown), then tap their icon, then tap Requests. The event request should be at the very top and say Limited on it. Tap that request and then confirm the request. They usually take 7 hours to complete but have a 100% chance of success, so there’s a very tight window if you want to get all 30 requests done in the 15 day window of most events; that’s two per day, and you can barely squeeze in 3 a day if you miss any.

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Birdstopia – Idle Bird Clicker Guide

Birdstopia – Idle Bird Clicker, as they call it, is a clone of TapTap Fish/AbyssRium (to a rather severe extent). It’s a mobile clicking game focused on ornithology (that’s the study of birds, or the technical term; birbs) with a nice flat design style. It’s out now for iOS and Android.

Since I did a guide for AbyssRium and this game copied about 70% of it’s gameplay directly from Abyssrium I thought I’d make a guide for it in case AbyssRium fans take a liking to it. Feel free to ask questions in the Comments section below.

As a mini review it certainly won’t blow you away as it’s clone-status is pretty visible, but it’s a nice change of pace if your idle game of choice has slowed down and you want that feeling of a fresh game with reasonable progress again. The bird theme is certainly a plus.

Work in Progress

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Brave Dungeon Guide: Maps, Characters, Syega & Cheats!

Brave Dungeon is finally out in the US for 3DS and Nintendo Switch, this is the RPG spin off of the Legend of Dark Witch series! Here I’ll compile useful information much like my Dark Witch 2 Guide. Note Brave Dungeon on Switch has a couple new characters over the 3DS version as well as being bundled with an exclusive game Dark Witch Combat, making it the “definitive” version.

A guide for Dark Witch Story: COMBAT, the side game the Switch release comes with, is also available on this site!

As always leave a comment or otherwise contact me if you have a comment, question, or correction!


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One Shot Solstice Chapter/New True Ending Guide

As of March 26th 2017, OneShot was updated with a new bonus chapter! It’s generally called the “solstice” update. Here’s the info you need to start exploring it.

You’ll have to beat the game normally at least once to get this ending (don’t worry, it doesn’t matter how the game ends, but you do have to get an ending).

I don’t have a guide for the first playthrough, but I have a full playthrough on Youtube including both endings, a third playthrough, and Solstice. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the Comments!

I’ll keep spoilers to an absolute minimum and will tag them as so, but I’ll assume you’ve beaten the game at least once to be attempting this.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Trophy Guide

This was going to be a more complete guide for Horizon Zero Dawn, but for now I stopped with Trophies. I was planning on adding animal locations and robot strategies soon, though I haven’t decided on making separate small guides or a single large one with all the info shoved in one. If there’s specific information you’d like to see added (or if you have anything to contribute), feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

Important to note: nothing trophy-wise is missable whatsoever in Horizon Zero Dawn; it’s one of my favorite design decisions in the game. Horizion is a very low-stress game.

You can complete the game any way you like then go back and get all trophies, no matter how you happen to play. There are a few choices that do matter story-wise and a couple missable quests with Nil, but none of them count toward trophies.

If you want to avoid spoilers, you can just totally ignore this section and come back after beating the game or when you’re stuck.

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Four Goddess Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune Import Guide

This is a guide for English importers of the Japanese release of Four Goddess Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

If you’re playing the English version, check out my guide for the English version! This guide won’t be kept up to date and might not match the names in the English version, and was meant to help English speakers wade through the Japanese version.

If you have any questions or info to contribute, please leave a comment, send an email or whatever. If you need extra info you can use this Japanese Wiki to help as well.


Guide Updates

Game Updates

The game was updated around 2017-3-14. Thanks to AzureValkyrie again for translating these!

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