YouTube Poop Submissions for Sir TapTap Reaction Streams

Life comes at you fast, some days you think you’re normal, then here you are, making Reaction streams on YouTube. Anyway, I make YTP Reaction Streams on YouTube and if you want to see me share some great laughs with my audience, here’s how and where to send me stuff.

If you somehow got here without knowing what YouTube Poop means, you can only really understand by watching, I recommend checking out these Sonic ones.


Ideally what I’m looking for is a 60-90 minute long YouTube playlist with just the best stuff in it, along with at least some form of theme. Here’s a good example from our Dr. Phil stream. That’ll result in a livestream of 90-120 minutes, which seems to be the best length for these bois.

YouTube Poop is a crapshoot (ha) and the problem is, I can’t really fake exaggerated reactions like most famous youtubers. If I have to watch stuff before hand to find what to stream, I won’t be able to really react to it live. That’s why submissions help so much!

Themes don’t have to be strict (you can slip some other good ones in there) but I like to be able to say “hey everyone we’re streaming King of the Hill YouTube Poops” so people have an idea what to expect.

Sometimes there are YTP collabs that are 30-60 minutes long on their own, if you know consistently good ones that add up to a stream on their own, you can just send those without a playlist I guess.


Just make a YouTube playlist or email an existing on you think will suffice to [email protected], with any notes you may have, e.g. “there’s copyrighted music in this one,” “this one takes a while to get good” etc.

You can also reach out in my Discord or drop a YouTube comment.

YTP Reaction streams are usually done on Fridays or Saturdays, around 6 PM Central time. I like to do at least once a month.

Stuff To Avoid

Just a bunch of pointers for what doesn’t make the best streaming experience. In pretty much all of these, a small dose (just a few seconds of the video) is fine as long as the rest of the video makes up for it. But if a video’s humor is almost entirely derived from one of these categories, you probably shouldn’t include it.

Copyrighted Music

It’s hard to avoid in YTPs, but music in youtube’s Content ID system can really mess with the stream. If you can give a heads up for extended (over 5 seconds) periods of copyrighted music in a video it helps me mute the video during the stream, otherwise I have to edit it out of the VOD. And once, it took down the stream.


Try not to include stuff where the only ‘funny’ part is a character saying the n-word or whatever. As with most things, a rare, actually funny inclusion that isn’t the sole thing in the video tends to be fine, like Hank Hill mowing his lawn set to Damn It Feel Good to Be a Gangsta.

Loud Noises, Flashing Lights, Screamers

If you can give a heads up as to which videos are particularly bad for flashing lights/ear destruction that helps, and try not to include things that are only ‘funny’ through use of these. I know these are basically unavoidable hence my warnings at the start of every YTP stream.


So from the PragerU reaction streams you know I don’t particularly shy away from political stuff but, once more, the focus should be on the humor. Unless it’s specifically PragerU/ToiletPaperUSA style humor which happens to work very well, either ask first or don’t include it. I don’t want to have to give live fact checks when I’m trying to laugh at Dr. Robotnik saying “I hope she made lots of DINNER, gay Luigi.”


Just kidding, Sos edits are always funny. Include more Sos.

Barely Edited Videos

These are both much less funny and much more likely to get me a Content ID claim.

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