Omori Foe Facts Guide (Foes Filed Achievement)

foe factsThis guide has all Foe Facts foe locations and what you need to find every foe in the game for the Foes File achievement. Please note the running from a foe still puts it in Foe Facts! No need to defeat it, this comes in handy for a few. See my Complete Omori Guide for info beyond foe facts.

Note if you’re going for the achievement, the Normal Route cannot complete Foe Facts! Only the Alternate or “Hikikomori” route has access to several enemies. These will be noted with a * in the list.


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Most Likely Omissions

Most enemies will be found in a normal playthrough, but several are very easy to miss. You’re probably missing Big Strong Tree, Sproute Mole?, or one of the secret Super Bosses at the very bottom of the list (Mutantheart, Roboheart, or Perfectheart). I’ve marked the most likely misses as headings in the below list.

Foes are listed in the same order as the ingame list, so if you’re missing the entry after Forest Bunny you’re missing Forest Bunny?, etc.

Foe Facts List

Forest Bunny
Forest Bunny?

An upside down Bunny in Vasty Forest. You’ll probably find one but just fight bunnies until you see one.

Lost Sprout Mole

Big Strong Tree

Easy to miss (and difficult and pointless to fight), it’s a normal looking tree at the bottom of the first fork if you enter Vast Forest from the right junction. You can see it’s sprite flashing if you run from other enemies in the area. Feel free to run after starting the battle, it takes a long time to kill and drops nothing.

Ending Spoilers
A…tree, huh? Why won’t this tree fall down?

Dust Bunny

One is in Basil’s House at the first possible visit (missible), and another unmissable one in Smol’s house in Otherworld town. Both are in cabinets, search them and Omori will sneeze and fight the dust bunny.

Space Bunny U.F.O.

Common enemies in Otherworld.


Venus Flytrap

Common enemies in Otherworld shaped like Watermelons.

Shark Plane
Bug Bunny
Rare Bear
Potted Plant

Sprout Mole?

Easy to miss, there is a slightly low chance of any Sprout Mole in Pyrefly Woods being one of these. Run from one of the moles and keep fighting it and it should appear upside down, this is a Sproute Mole?.

Ghost Bunny

These are in Lost Woods, part of Pyrefly Forest to the right of the last area before the King Crawler. Avoid the spidercats and search the trees near the lantern at the end to enter Lost Woods.

Horse Head
Horse Butt
Bun Bunny
Cupcake Bunny
Milkshake Bunny
Pancake Bunny
S.S. Snake

This and following enemies are part of Dino’s Dig in Orange Oasis.


Sprout Bunny
Fish Bunny
Reverse Mermaid
Shark Fin
Slime Bunny
Snot Bubble
Lab Rat
Sprout Mole??

Slice, Sesame, & Sourdough

These and the following enemies show up past the “bread piano” puzzle in Orange Oasis. You must sacrifice ALL of the items on the shelf (yes, even the bunny and cat) in order to encounter these enemies. Each item is a unique enemy.

Living Bread
Gingerdead Man
Toast Ghost
Hush Puppy
Snow Bunny

Snow Pile*

Snowglobe Mountain, Hikikomori Route only. Get batteries from Space Boyfriend’s house to activate the fish in the Igloo.

Snow Angel*

Snowglobe Mountain, Hikikomori Route only. Get batteries from Space Boyfriend’s house to activate the fish in the Igloo.

Ye Old Sprout
Kite Kid

Optional Boss up the ladder in Vast Forest.

Kid’s Kite

Optional Boss up the ladder in Vast Forest.


Optional but hard to miss boss in Otherworld.


Talk to the Earth on display in Spaceboyfriend’s solar system room early on in Otherworld.

Download Window
Space Ex-boyfriend
King Crawler

King Carnivore

Missable boss in Sprout Mole Village, if you untie the anvil above it you’ll kill it without getting the Foe Fact. It’s very difficult when first encountered, but I believe you can run.

Shady Mole

First, complete the side quests in Sprout Mole Village and Shady Mole will appear at the entrance to Last Resort. Give him all your Clams in exchange for Clems. Then find him in a den at the extreme right of the “construction site” area left of Last Resort. You get your clams back.

Sir Maximus
Sir Maximus II
Sir Maximus III

Nefarious Chip

Like the bread enemies above, this boss and the Unbread Twins are just past the “Bread Piano” puzzle. Sacrifice ALL items before opening the safe.

Unbread Twins

Space Ex-husband*

Snowglobe Mountain boss, Hikikomori Route Only. Easy to find he’s just at the end.

Mr. Jawsum

Unmissable boss in Last Resort.

Gator Guy

Unmissable boss in Last Resort.

Pluto (Expanded)

Unmissable boss in Last Resort.


Only available after finishing the blue, bomb defusal area of Humphrey. She’s in the teleport maze. Keep using teleports that change the room until you come into her.



Secret Boss, Hikikomori Route One Day Left. She’s in one of the labs, use the Humphrey “elevator” to reach the area easily.

Perfectheart *

Secret Boss, Hikikomori Route One Day Left. She’s where the Slime Girls fight was, use the Humphrey “elevator” to reach the area easily. She is very difficult and it’s best to have level 50 and ultimate gear, plus lots of full party heals and emotion items.


Unmissable boss in Humphrey.


Unmissable boss in Humphrey.


Unmissable boss in Humphrey.


Unmissable boss in Humphrey.

Complete Omori Guide

Here’s the index of my Omori guide featuring enemy information, routes, endings, symbolism and more!

Omori Guide, Walkthrough, & Achievement Unlocks

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