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Sir TapTap is a gaming Youtuber who never shuts up on Twitter and rarely streams on Twitch. He mostly never shuts up about indie games and Japanese titles, but also loves talking general game and User Experience design. You can support him on Patreon or via Youtube’s Fan Funding. Your donations will help him find a cure for his chronic Third Person Speech Syndrome.

Email (I get tons of spam due to this, so please make it worth my time): [email protected]


What do I use for recording? I’m glad you asked; I’ve set up a page I keep up to date with the hardware and software I use/recommend.


Here’s a tidy little list of my various accounts from around the internet. Please do not accept off-brand TapTaps. List isn’t totally up to date, if you suspect impersonation you can always hit me up on twitter at @sirtaptap or my email to confirm. Anyone not using the @sirtaptap.com email domain is not me.

Privacy Policy

I’m supposed to have a what?! Ahem. I collect basically zero personally identifiable information, other than your email should you subscribe by email. That’s 100% automated and only for showing you new posts. I run Google Analytics which collects some anonymized info and has an opt-out plugin if you’re really that paranoid. I use Disqus for comments, which you can feel free to not use or even block. All traffic on this site uses HTTPS and is encrypted from client to server round-trip. That’s pretty much it.

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Too lazy to email, eh? I got you.