Sir TapTapSir TapTap is a gaming Youtuber and full stack web developer for this very site by night, and Programmer/Systems Analyst by day, which explains why I’m so tired.

This site’s a one man job other than guest posts. My Patreon supporters help keep the lights on, thank all of you so much!


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Parker is my cat and a favorite of my fans. We think he’s at least part Norwegian Forest Cat because of his big fluffy ruff. He’s extremely ‘helpful’ when I’m gaming, recording, working, or basically doing anything.

Backers of my Patreon will receive monthly updates with a selection of new Parker pictures as a minor bonus. Sometimes pictures end up on my Twitter as well of course.

Parker, an orange cat
A small lion that lives in my house
Parker, an orange cat showing his toebeans
Sleepy boy



My email for business or site-related contact is contact@sirtaptap.com, I’ll never contact you from another email. 

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What do I use for recording? I’ve set up a page I keep up to date with the hardware and software I use/recommend. I also have a Kit page, which is much flashier and has my gaming/streaming gear kits.

Guest Authors and Style

I have guest authors now so I guess I had to have a Style Guide. I generally do not seek out guest authors, but if you want to write about indie games, game design, niche Japanese games, or Hyperdimension Neptunia, be in touch.