Sir TapTapSir TapTap is a gaming Youtuber and full stack web developer for this very site by night, and Programmer/Systems Analyst by day, which explains why I’m so tired.

This site is currently operated entirely out of my “free” time so bugs, lack of polish, and infrequency of posts may be issues. If there are any problems do feel free to contact me, and remember they have likely arisen due to lack of time not due to lack of care.


What do I use for recording? I’m glad you asked; I’ve set up a page I keep up to date with the hardware and software I use/recommend. I also have a Kit page, which is much flashier and has my gaming/streaming gear kits.

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I have guest authors now so I guess I had to have a Style Guide. I generally do not seek out guest authors, but if you want to write about indie games, game design, niche Japanese games, or Hyperdimension Neptunia, be in touch.

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I’m supposed to have a what?! Ahem. I collect basically zero personally identifiable information, other than your email should you subscribe by email. That’s 100% automated and only for showing you new posts. I run Google Analytics which collects some anonymized info and has an opt-out plugin if you’re really that paranoid. I use Disqus for comments, which you can feel free to not use or even block. But I keep my comments nice and clean, so I hope you appreciate that. All traffic on this site uses HTTPS and is encrypted from client to server round-trip. That’s pretty much it.


My email’s contact@sirtaptap.com. I can also be found on these sites, if you need to verify someone is really me, ensure the account is on that list or emailing you from the @sirtaptap.com domain. Accept no off-brand TapTaps.

Note I’m completely unrelated to Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, which is run by Cheetah Mobile. Bug reports, feature suggestions etc. won’t do any good here. And yes, I maintain the guide all on my own and get no income from the game! If you want to support my guide, you can support me on Patreon.

Too lazy to email? I got you. If you need a reply email is preferred; generally things I get in Feedback don’t need/want a reply and it’s a bit harder to do so.


Parker is my cat and a favorite of my fans. We think he’s at least part Norwegian Forest Cat. He’s extremely ‘helpful’ when I’m gaming, recording, working, or basically doing anything.

Here’s a full gallery of Parker pictures on Google Plus, it’s just easier to display there than here. I update this gallery rather rarely since I take a lot of pictures and it’s a fair bit of work to only include the good ones.

Backers of my Patreon will receive monthly updates with a selection of new Parker pictures as a minor bonus. Sometimes pictures end up on my Twitter as well of course.

Parker, sleeping with his eyes closed, in a quilt.

Parker, sitting up elegantly on a nightstand. His chest is very fluffy.