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It’s that Spooky time of the year again, so I hope you’ll join me on YouTube for a series of surreal RPG Maker Horror games this month! It’s what I call Spooktober!

Edit: 2018-10-15: Final half of Spooktober is finalized below!

The streams will feature more atmospheric, psychological horror and less of the jumpscare nonsense, so if you’re usually squeamish, it should still be pretty accessible!

Included are permalinks to each stream, press the Play button to see an option to get a reminder of when the stream goes live on YouTube!

Week 1 (October 6&7th)

Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki is a surreal classic of RPG Maker fame, more of a Walking Sim/Horror game than RPG. I played it before, along with it’s remake/sequel/something, Yume Nikki Dream Diary, but it’s fantastic and will be framing the rest of the games for the month!

🔴Let's Play Yume Nikki (Full Game) | Spooktober the third begins!
Watch this video on YouTube.

Dream Diary Jam (Yume Nikki Fan Games)

Dream Diary Jam is an annual game jam on itchio where creators make Yume Nikki style games investigating dreams! They’re usually short, being game jam games, so I’ll play through a bunch!

🔴Let's Play Yume Nikki Fan Games | Dream Diary Jam | LoFi Horror
Watch this video on YouTube.

Week 2 (October 13-14th)

The Crooked Man

The Crooked Man is an RPG Maker horror game, part of the Strange Man series. These are fairly long and I have limited streaming time, so just this one this year.

Let's Play The Crooked Man | RPG Horror for a Shut In!
Watch this video on YouTube.

Week 3 (October 20-21st)

Ao Oni, Mouth Sweet

Ao Oni and Mouth Sweet are RPG Maker horror games much like Yume Nikki itself. If they prove too short for a stream, we’ll find another to add to the stream!

Let's Play Ao Oni & Mouth Sweet | Spooktober Stream
Watch this video on YouTube.


.Flow is one of the most famous Yume Nikki fan games, and a pretty big one I’m told, so it should fill it’s own stream.

🔴Let's Play .Flow | Full Playthrough & Ending! What is Rust...?
Watch this video on YouTube.

Week 4 (October 27-28th)

PT Demo & something Yume Nikki

PT was an amazing game that never became a full title, but it’s still 1-2 hours of fantastic horror. We’ll fill the remaining time with some more Yume Nikki fan stuff.

Let's Play The Looking Glass | Let's Play PT | Halloween Stream!
Watch this video on YouTube.

Yume Graffiti

Another high quality, long Yume Nikki fan game to cap off the month!

🔴Let's Play Yume Graffiti | A great, faithful Yume Nikki Fangame!
Watch this video on YouTube.
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