SirTapTap Art Reference & Fan Art Submission Info

SirTapTap by Woofycakes

So you want to draw a SirTapTap, or maybe I’m commissioning you and just sent you this page. I tend to like to see how people draw TapTap on their own, but here’s a good set of info for consistency’s sake on how I tend to like my spikeballs.

  • Anatomy
    • Pretty much just a spike ball/mace head with two eyes, two shoes/feet, wide smug grin, and a big red nose
    • They’re basically smug Kirby with spikes
  • Colors
    • Darker blue-grey for the ball/body, brightly shiny silver/white for the spikes
    • Bright white teeth
    • Big red nose, shoes
      • For mood purposes, pink can do
    • Solid black eyes with white glints almost like pupils
  • Spikes
    • Wide and slightly dull, shouldn’t be TOO scary
    • Not too many, I like to see about 5 to give the impression of them being all-around
    • My favorite orientation is a “crown” of 3 spikes on the top and two on the extreme left/right, sort of like “arms
      • See the Woofycakes TapTap for an example
    • Unevenly set, giving a sense of personality, not uniformly spaced
  • Expression /Mood
    • The grin is very important, something between chill contentedness and glib smugness, erring towards the chill side
      • Teeth are shown as plus signs marking the intersections of teeth only. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the TapTap
    • Generally looking to the side to showcase the grin. Sort of like Sonic it’s a bit odd to see it face-on
  • Do what you want
    • This is how the TapTap usually looks, but any embellishments/deviations to fit your style or piece are always welcome

Official Examples

Read more: SirTapTap Art Reference & Fan Art Submission Info

These could be considered the most authoritative examples as they’re images I’ve commissioned myself, though generally I haven’t asked for too many edits to be “on-brand” either. I wanted art, not a factory-pressed widget.

Sir TapTap's banner logo, a TapTap animated spikeball resting in a peaceful meadow
Commissioned from @Klobstrosity. Though this is my most “official” art due to how often I use it, the palette isn’t quite standard; note the pinker nose/shoe tone used to blend in with the palette of the piece. But it’s my favorite piece overall due to the mood it gives.
A recent favorite, Commissioned from @Woofycakes of Blue Revolver! The palette is very Woofycakes. Love the shape of this grin.
My first commissioned piece! Made by Andrew Stewart. A few more spikes than usual, but I like the sense of action it gives. Though generally the TapTap is more laid back.

The Origin

Yep, it’s a Tap-Tap from Yoshi’s Island (I pull the hyphen for simplicity’s sake). Here’s the official art from Nintendo for TapTaps:

Note the eyes being perfectly straight and not being afraid to pop up over the silhouette of the body in a very cartoony fashion.

Tap-Taps were nearly invincible (and in a few cases, literally invincible) enemies in Yoshi’s Island. They’re usually found just roaming around or hopping up and down, completely ignoring Yoshi. It’s often best to maneuver around them or gently push them aside rather than try to beat them.

Fan Art Submissions

It’s preferred that you email me at [email protected], if you must reach out over social, my Discord Server is acceptable but notifications can be messy on the rest so I really encourage a direct email.

When sending art please include the image/work in the least compressed method possible (PNG is great), your name/how to credit you, any social/art site links to include, and any notes you’d like me to include in the fan art post! You can see how these posts look in the Fan Art Section.

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