Fan Art: SirTapTap & Channel Background by Miranora

I’m shocked I never put these up on the site, but looking back I didn’t get a response about what information I should include as credit! These are from an OG fan Kayla AKA Minanora as they used to be known on Twitter (the account is since gone). These were made years before I had a site to put fan art on! About 2012, I believe, when I did my OFF playthrough.

These were close to the first fan art I ever got and from a close fan so they still mean a ton to me! I feel a bit bad since I know every artist hates their old art (even me, and I haven’t drawn since high school!), but I’d feel even worse not featuring heartfelt art that I got on my site!

Sir Tap Tap Fan art by Miranora, featuring The Batter from OFF, The Judge, Kirby, and a Pikmin

And this was my first Channel Art! If you look…not all that closely, you can tell that the style of text here was used by Klobstrocity for my current channel art.

@_miranora Sirtaptap channel art

See more fan art in the Fan Art Gallery and don’t be shy to send your submissions to my email ([email protected]) or share them in our Discord! I try to post all fan art I receive here as long as the artist is okay with it.

Fan Art: Sir TapTap vs AbyssRium Valentine’s Event 2018

ACK, I missed this one! (If I forget to post your fan art as a post here, please let me know!) This is a Tap Tap and Parker doodle by AmnesiaMoons from back in 2018 when the Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Valentine’s event kind of…sucked.

Sir TapTap Fan Art by Amnesia Moons. Sir TapTap is spearing a Heart Fish, symbolizing the AbyssRium Valentine's event. Parker is here too, with flames in his eyes.
by Amnesia Moons

I had it in the Fan Art Gallery but somehow it missed having its own post, so here it is in all of it’s a n g e r y glory even if it’s a bit late for AbyssRium Valentine’s Day. Thanks as always Amnesia!

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Fan Art: Crystal, Fire, Water & Meteor TapTaps by Code Coral

Fan art time! Here’s a couple fine, exotic bois from Code Coral in our Discord server! Thanks so much! The crystal boi is very shiny and crystals are peak aesthetics, but the meteor boi reminds me of Minior my favorite Gen 7 Pokemon!

Power of…!

crystal taptap by code coral
meteor taptap by code coral
Outer Space!
fire taptap by code coral
The Phoenix Flames!
water elemental taptap fan art by code coral
And…and…I’m not sure I want to know about this one.

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Fan Art: Happy Birthday TapTap by Jamie

This one’s a Birthday wish from @Nattonath on Twitter, AKA Jamie in our Discord server! Thanks a ton! Quarantine birthdays due to COVID are a little quiet, but they’re much better with all the friends I can keep contact with online!

A TapTap, a cartoon spikeball with a nose, smile, and shiny eyes, with a birthday hat. It reads Happy Bday, TapTap. Fan art by Jamie

I’ll have the Tappiest birthday I can.

See more fan art in the Fan Art Gallery and don’t be shy to send your submissions to my email ([email protected]) or share them in our Discord! I try to post all fan art I receive here as long as the artist is okay with it.

Commission: SirTapTap avatar by @mi3li!

Along with the Nath commission, I also got a little TapTap buddy from @mi3li! Isn’t he adorable? Is it weird to say that about my own avatar? Oh well, it is. I’ve started using it on YouTube and Discord lately.

Here’s a transparent background version too:

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Fan Art: SirTapTap the Seahorse Captain by Big Tuna

What is this, Seahorse Captain? What is this, Seahorse-Seashell party? Who didn’t invite me? Why didn’t I get invited?

Some adorable fan art by Big Tuna! Thank you so much. The “sketchy” line style lets it fit perfectly with Yoshi’s Island itself!

This one requires a little explanation, it’s from one of my Megaqarium livestreams where we decided Lumpsucker sounds more like an insult than a fish (it’s both now). I also, as I always do when I see seahorses, referenced Drinking Out Of Cups, which if you haven’t seen it, well you just have to see to understand.

See all fan art & sources in the Fan Art Gallery.

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Fan Art Update: Art from CremexButter, Scott Ramsoomair, Yasmin Rawlings, and Amnesia Moons

It’s been too long since a fanart post, so here’s a five for one!

Here’s a beautiful avatar commission, drawn by Scott Ramsoomair (Yep, the VGCats one)!

Next is a simple but super-adorable one of me and Parker by @CremexButter! You might know Creme from instagram or this cute earlier fan art!

And another doodle from Creamxbutter, from our Patron Board Game Night stream:

Cremexbutter's Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival fan art of SirTapTap's patreon stream
It’s a long story and I promise we’re not brazen criminals

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What’s New On Sir (March Updates)

Been a lot of changes on lately, but mostly stuff you might not have noticed without looking. So let’s list ’em all up in a big ol’ post!

New Content

I’ve had several “series” in mind for this site for a long time and hadn’t really gotten started on them until recently. As of today, three of them have gotten started and I’m proud of them. They’ve all been added into the header menu for ease of navigation.

Free Points

Free Points is a new series of weekly (actually) free game recommendations, ranging from flash games to games on Steam, from traditional platformers to surreal Alt Games. I’m slightly behind on them as I write this, but they’ll be back soon!

Finer Points

I’m allowed to use the same spikeball-related pun once more than once, right? Ahem. Anyway, Finer Points is a series of UX-focused articles on game design and design in general, particularly the little touches that have a big effect (positive or negative) on the whole experience.

Tap Into YouTube

I’m a YouTuber as well as a writer and developer, so Tap Into YouTube is my series for discussing gaming-related YouTube stuff. It’s both for YouTubers to learn the ins-and-outs of YouTube’s workings (both technical and social), and also for game developers/PR people to learn about how to get the most out of their interactions with YouTubers.

I noticed a lot of devs make some common mistakes in reaching out, so I hope Tap Into YouTube will help make it at least a bit easier.

Patron Benefits (Beta)

A major feature that was added was the Patreon Login Page where my patrons can log in with their Patreon accounts to get the following benefits based on their monthly pledge:

  • $1 – Current Month’s Parker Pictures
  • $2 – No ads on
  • $5 – Early Access videos & full archive of past Parker pictures

The feature is only in “Beta” because of an odd conflict with my Progressive Web App caching; the caching makes the site crazy-fast, but it unfortunately sometimes caches the “logged out” copy of a page, so logged in users may occasionally see ads or be initially refused from Patron-only pages; these issues are cleared on a page refresh.

It’s not the biggest issue in the world but I’d really like to stamp out that last bug before rolling it out of Beta.


Disclaimer: To get this out of the way, I’m not affiliated with the AbyssRium devs in any way…they don’t even reply to my support requests! And nope, “Sir Tap Tap” has nothing to do with “Tap Tap Fish”—it’s been my name for 9 years, and it’s based on enemies called Tap-Taps in Yoshi’s Island for SNES!

So AbyssRium’s been a bit of a contentious issue lately; the developers have made some major changes to the game and players aren’t very happy. I talked of leaving the whole thing and no longer updating my guide (though I would always leave it up for players to use as I do with all my guides).

The more recent update shows some signs of improvements, though not quite a full return to quality. For now I’ll still be making guides, but I’m very unhappy with the game’s direction and if players continue to abandon the game due to its hostility to players I may leave. But not yet.

New Features

Lots of new little features were added as well!

Better Progressive Web App Functionality

I kinda broke offline caching for a bit in my Progressive Web App, and in the process of fixing it I made it better than ever!

If you don’t know what a PWA is, going to “add to Homescreen” from most Mobile Browsers will add a shortcut to your mobile device’s Homescreen. On supported browsers and devices, these pages will actually act similar to full-blown “native” apps with (opt-in) push notifications, offline caching, special UI, and if you use Chrome on modern Android versions the app can even be put in your App drawer. 

The PWA has the following features:

  • An adorable TapTap (spikeball) icon for your homescreen
  • Instant access to the Guide Index, one tap away from any major part of my site
  • Offline caching for fast page speed and offline access of previously visited pages
    • Also a more pleasant “offline” page that still features full UI!
  • Ad-free guides supported for logged-in Patreon supporters
  • A minimal  browser UI will now be shown, so “Find On Page” functionality is available
  • Interest-based Push Notifications (optional)
  • Firefox & Mobile Safari now support PWAs, including!

Better Search

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Once again I’m a bit later than I planned, but that’s just how things go! Here’s how things have been doing on, my Youtube, and all the other stuff I do. I did one of these last year and after reading both posts over myself, I’m quite happy in the change in tone, it really was a great year.

Patreon & Donations

Despite some initially troubling changes that Patreon swiftly reversed, it’s been a good year on Patreon for me. We’ve exceeded $100 a month and, while the fee change halted my momentum, things seem to be back on track there. At $200 monthly I’ll have a special Paker Cam stream!

Several very generous people have also donated via PayPal, which is another valid way to support me.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s supported me no matter how, how much, or on what platform! You all made it a great 2017 and will help make an even better 2018!

New Server

As I mentioned in an earlier post I’ve recently moved to Linode after initially using Namecheap hosting. There were various factors involved in the move but there’s a time when shared hosting simply isn’t enough for a site and I was pretty much there, with fairly regular downtime on Namecheap’s SSD tier.

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