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Are you prepared for CHILLS, THRILLS, and DILLS? Spooktober 2021 is here and SirTapTap has 8 bone-chillingly spooky streams ready for you! Check out the playlist below (the video watch page shows the time in YOUR timezone), or tune in on every Friday (4PM Central) and Saturday (6PM) in October!

We’ve got:

Spookware & Haunted PS1 Demo Disk (10/8)

Spookware is a Wario Ware game but SPOOKY, and the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk is a fantastic compilation of indie games with a PS1 horror vibe—my favorite! I probably won’t be able to catch ALL the PS1 demo disk games, so be on the lookout for surplus streams on sundays or weekdays!

Simpsons Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab Remastered (10/9)

Thanks to TheStreamLord, even our YouTube Poop watch party stream will be Spooktober-appropriate this year. This is a freshly remastered YTP collab of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes. Get ready to laugh AND scream!

Yume 2kki (10/15)

Yume Nikki fan games are a Halloween tradition on SirTapTap’s channel; just enough surrealness to be unnerving and odd, but not enough horror that the squeamish can’t enjoy! Join us for this dive back in probably the biggest Yume Nikki collaboration there is.

Jackbox Party Pack 8 (10/16)

Featuring the SCARIEST…okay we just do Jackbox nights in the Discord every first and third Saturday of every month. Feel free to join in and make it SPOOKY though.

Re:Kinder (10/22)

Can’t go wrong with a RPG Maker Horror game translated by VGPerson! They have consistently good taste. Thanks to Priere for the suggestion!

Fantasy Maiden’s Odd Hideout(10/23)

A great looking Japanese RPG Maker Horror game in a fantasy vibe this time! Thanks to CP49 for the suggestion!

Desert Nightmare (10/29)

Thanks to Priere for the suggestion again, this is a German RPG Maker Horror game, translated to English! Always good to have some diversity.


These bois are so scary I can’t even tell you what they are! And yes, we’re streaming on Halloween Day even though it’s a Sunday! Continuations of games I can’t finish in one stream may continue on Sundays as well.

If you still want MORE spooks, or just want to pregame a bit, here’s the 2018 calendar for Spooktober, with an extra heavy dose of Yume Nikki fan games that year! There’s also a complete playlist of Spooktober games on my YouTube channel.

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