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pokemon Cafe Remix mobile game guide by sirtaptap

Pokemon Cafe ReMix is out now for Nintendo Switch and Android/iOS mobile platforms! This is a remade version of the puzzle game that launched last year, and it’s much improved. This guide is a Work In Progress as Pokemon Cafe ReMix just came out, but feel free to ask questions and add tips in the Comments! I will expand on the guide as I play and have time.

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Pokemon Cafe ReMix Gameplay Tips

Which Pokemon?

Generally you’ll almost always want to use the suggested Pokemon on the Order menu. It will suggest 2 Pokemon will Gimmicks/skills that are helpful, and usually the left one is best to use.

You can still press Set Leader to pick a different Pokemon, make sure their Specialty matches. Generally, you only need to do this if a difficult Gimmick is involved but isn’t covered by the suggestions.

Early on, Eevee will be your workhorse (fox), easily handling most beginner levels. It’s Gimmicks are extremely common and it will save you many turns, so level up Eevee early (this helps you get Mew early anyway).


You get a measly 10 XP for clearing a normal order, and Experience Tarts that give direct XP are rare rewards. This means that for the most part to level up your Pokemon, you’ll need to use the Training from the Pokemon menu.

Fortunately, training gets you to level 10 very fast and your top priority should be getting all your pokemon to level 5 (then 10) as soon as possible. This will only take a few training sessions. After order 100 and 200, you’ll be able to spend 2 and then 3 stamina at once to speed up training.

After level 9, your biggest upgrade is level 15 which unlocks the third Gimmick. Pace yourself for this one, since it’s much more of a grind and not as major of a milestone. You might want to focus on unlocking pokemon first.

Experience Tarts give 200 points and 1000 points respectively for the plain and “fancy” kinds, and level caps require 3, 10, and 10 Cookies for the level 5, 10, and 15 caps. Level caps also cost 200, 1000, and ? Acorns. Experience past a cap will be lost, so don’t use an Experience Tart that mostly goes to waste or train Pokemon already at the cap. Don’t sweat the 10 XP earned from completing orders, though.

Notably, just a single 1 Stamina training should be enough to get a Pokemon to level 5 with the Daily Boost. Unless you really need to, it’s best to wait to train until a Pokemon gets the Daily Boost. The Daily Boost to XP gains is actually stronger than the 3 Star Boost! For that reason, don’t stress much (and don’t waste premium boosts!) about getting 3 Stars for training.

Earning & Using Acorns

Acorns are the Premium Currency and used for quite a few things in the game. I strongly recommend hanging on to your early Acorns for unlocking Pokemon’s Level Caps, which will easily cost you several thousand of them early on.

You can earn up to 80 Acorns per Order by 3 Staring it (20 for clearing, and 20 per Star earned). It’s not a lot, but there are a lot of orders in the game! Events also give larger numbers of acorns at a time, ~500 at certain milestones so watch for events.

Of course, you can pay for Acorns as well, but this isn’t all that necessary. If you really want to pay, the Lucario “season pass” seems like the best deal at the moment.

I would avoid spending Acorns for Stamina, Stamina fills moderately quickly and there’s so much content the game’s meant to be played daily (as all mobile games are, sigh). If you must buy Stamina, the Weekly Pack of 30 Stamina costs 133.33 (repeating of course) Acorns per Stamina, but buying it directly from the Stamina + button costs 180 per.

An early “event” will encourage you to spend large numbers of Acorns to get a special Eevee outfit and some other rewards. If you play daily, you should get enough acorns from the Lucario and Charizard event plus the ones obtained through normal playing. Focus on the above methods to spend Acorns efficiently, but if you come close to the deadline and need to just spend Acorns to get an outfit you want, feel free! It’s not a huge deal.

Cafe ReMix Changes from Cafe Mix

The game’s been majorly remade but is still based on Cafe Mix, the first release. You can see me play the first-day release of Cafe Mix on YouTube if you’re curious. I only played it for a week or two after launch, so I may have included some features from before ReMix but still post-launch.

3 Star System

The biggest thing is there’s now an easier bar to clear levels, but you only get 1/3rd of the maximum possible rewards if you only clear the first unlocks. Then after doing that, you get 2 new sets of objectives to earn 2 or 3 stars which raises rewards.

This has the effect of making the game much less punishing and it’s harder to be ‘stuck’ on orders. You’ll still want to grind and need to play well to 3 star maps, and sometimes puzzles just really are difficult, but the game plays much more smoothly in my experience (I’ve played about the first 180 as of writing this).

Specialty Gimmicks

Another major gameplay update is Pokemon now have ‘specialty gimmicks’ which they can clear much easier than other Pokemon. This means picking the right pokemon can make an impossible level easy, and levels are often designed for specific Skills and Specialty Gimmicks. This generally makes the game much easier, more strategic, and less unfair.

Pokemon still have a specialty order type (drink, cake, sandwich, curry) and Specialty Gimmicks won’t work if the order type doesn’t match.

New Pokemon

There’s new Pokemon to serve and join your Cafe and more may be added. Torterra and Gothita were just added this week.

Outfit System

There’s now Outfits for pokemon (instead of outfits being treated as different Pokemon), changeable from the Pokemon menu. Most outfits are simple palette swaps and have no gameplay effects (unlocked every 2 levels for each Pokemon). Certain outfits like Event or Premium unlocks change the pokemon’s Specialties.


Theoretically, you can get Stamina from teammates Cheering you on. I’ve never seen it actually work and it’s confusing at best and probably just broken.

Extra Orders

The old levels (all 1200!) are all accessible from the Past Orders button on the main menu as ‘Extra ORders’. You can clear a ridiculous amount of them to unlock very unworthy rewards like Experience Tarts every 25 levels. The most notable ones are Charmander at 100 orders, and costumes for Pikachu and Lucario at order 600 and 1200 respectively.

I strongly suggest ignoring the old puzzles (possibly going for Charmander if it’s a favorite) as you don’t get anything else for them. If you played the game pre-update, you’ll be able to continue where you left off. They don’t give Stars, cookies, and Charmander is the only Pokemon it will unlock.

Pokemon Cafe ReMix Secret Pokemon

Most pokemon show in the Team list even before unlocking, but several do not. I’ve listed their unlocks here. Please comment if you know more unlock conditions.




Clear 100 Extra Orders from the Past Orders menu.


Part of the Charizard event. Grind Candy by earning Stars (gold or blue) to unlock Charizard and cookies. Reach stage 20 of the event to get enough Cookies to max Charizard’s level out, the last 10 stages are just bonus goodies.

You earn 10 Candy per Star you earn in Orders or Training, plus 50% extra if you buy the Premium Pass. You should be able to get to stage 20 without too much trouble if you play consistently every day.

Shiny Celebi

I’ve seen this as a player avatar, but I do not know how to obtain it if possible.


Again I’ve seen this as an avatar but don’t know how to obtain it.

Pokemon & Strategies

Coming soon! I’ll list what each Pokemon is good at and when to focus on using them.


An unusual character, Mew requires no Cookies to break level caps (Acorns are still needed), specializes in all Dishes, and has an unusual Skill. Mew’s tiles are also worth much more score.

Unlock Mew by completing the beginner event. None of the requirements are too hard and you’ll get Mew by simply playing normally, though it will take a few days.

Combine 2 of Mew’s skill orbs (that take MUCH longer to produce) to clear ALL pokemon icons on the board and advance all Gimmicks one stage. This can be amazing (instantly clears difficult items like Fruit Cans) or completely useless (Tomatoes will not be affected, and items like Sugar Cubes are only chipped once).

Current Pokemon Cafe ReMix Events

Charizard Event

Part of the Charizard event. Grind Candy by earning Stars (gold or blue) to unlock Charizard and cookies. Reach stage 20 of the event to get enough Cookies to max Charizard’s level out, the last 10 stages are just bonus goodies.

You earn 10 Candy per Star you earn in Orders or Training, plus 50% extra if you buy the Premium Pass. You should be able to get to stage 20 without too much trouble if you play consistently every day.

Note the items from this event auto-collect if you tap the banner when they’re ready, so make sure you’re ready to use the 15 minute infinite Max Revive boost.

Lucario Event


Mew Event

The Mew reward is pretty simple, most of this will be unlocked by playing normally. Just keep an eye on what you need to do next, it’s basically a tutorial. You can’t get mew before order number #151 (naturally).

Pokemon Appreciation

In total, you’ll need to use about 30,000? Golden Acorns to unlock the Eevee Costume. I wouldn’t burn Acorns just to get this costume unless the deadline is close and you just have to get it. You’ll spend Acorns leveling up and get many levels of this without trying.


Please leave a comment below if you have questions or tips to share! This is still an early WIP guide.

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