Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Halloween Tank Event Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Halloween Tank Event information. Updated for 2020! See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)!

Halloween 2020

This is NOT the saltwater tank event. Things are WAY too complicated. Flero. Anyway, for the halloween event taking place in the Abyss tank, see this guide.

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2019-11-05: A patch added Halloween-themed Expand items to the Main tank, along with the Greek Event. If you don’t have the greek event update yet you won’t see it.

2019-10-18: A patch was released that fixed a vitality curve issue in the halloween event to make the event easier, and reduced the 2019 Jellyfish and Seahorse requirements. The guide has been updated to reflect this.

2019-10-15: All new halloween event hidden fish found! They’re in a pretty nice table, I might fancy up the older hidden fish into tables later on. Video Guide added.

2019-10-14: Get s p o o k e d the update is releasing on slow rollout! See the new fish here. There’s also a new set of “hiding fish” in the space event.

BTW, for those having trouble with Facebook cloud saves or trying to transfer saves between Android and iOS (either way), check this reddit post out.

It is a slow rollout and will take you a while to get. Despite literally every single update AbyssRium has ever done rolling out in the same (stupid) fashion I still get spammed every time it updates about this. Please don’t ask about it.

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Genshin Impact PS4 Accounts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Genshin Impact’s PS4 version has created a LOT of questions after my Link Accounts Guide so I thought I’d make a single neat guide to answer all of them in one go.

As a spoiler, the answer is no, you can’t to almost every possible question. PS4 accounts are almost completely different from other Genshin Impact accounts!

What’s Different in Genshin Impact PS4?

To put it quickly:

  • The base game is the same, all areas, quests, single player features are the same
  • PS4 players get an exclusive Wing Glider skin
  • You can add friends and play Co Op with them from any platform if they are in the same region, even PC/Mobile
  • The graphics are set, and loading times are a bit longer than other versions. On the flip side, you don’t have to worry about tweaking settings, it runs the same on every PS4
    • It does appear to target 4K on PS4 Pro
  • The PS4 version has Trophies
  • You cannot redeem Codes from Genshin.MiHoYo.com on PS4 or log on to it
  • You cannot log into PS4 accounts on PC or Mobile. There is NO cross save of any kind with PS4
  • There is no account linking features of any kind, your PSN account IS your Genshin Impact account
  • Your region is your PSN account region
  • You cannot delete your PS4 account of Genshin Impact by any means

How do I Create an Account on PS4?

You just turn on your PS4 log into your PSN account (you are almost certainly already logged in) and start the game. Your Genshin Impact account IS your Playstation Network account, and it is impossible to separate, delete, link, or unlink.

How Do I Play on PC or Mobile with my PS4 Account?

You can’t. MiHoYo officially stated due to PSN infrastructure incompatibilities, PS4 accounts are not Cross Save. If you want to play on PC and Mobile you’ll need a separate account, I recommend just picking a platform and sticking with it.

How Do I Change Region On PS4?

You can’t. Region on PS4 is tied to your PSN account’s region.

How Do I Redeem Codes on PS4?

You cannot log into Genshin.MiHoYo.com or redeem gift codes from a PS4 account. If you’re getting an “account error” message it’s because as far as mihoyo.com knows, that account does not exist. It will not work. You’re not missing much so far anyway, just a few dozen Primogems.

PS4 instead has some rewards that are automatically mailed to all users, such as the PS4 exclusive wings skin.

Where Is the User Center to Link Accounts on PS4?

There is no User Center on PS4. There is no way to link or unlink accounts. There is nothing at all you can do about your account on the PS4 version, so the menu option is not there at all.

How Do I Play Co Op On PS4?

This is the one networking case here where PS4 Genshin Impact is exactly the same as other versions of Genshin Impact. Co Op is the exact same and as king as players are in the same server region as you, you can just play. You cannot change server region on any platform.

Will This Change?

MoHoYo specifically said the lack of PS4 cross save is due to “incompatibilities” with Playstation Network so the answer is almost certainly no.

How Can I make An Alt on PS4?

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Genshin Impact: List of Active Promotional Gift Codes

Here’s how to redeem Promotional Codes/Gift Codes in Genshin Impact to get Free Primogems and other items. There’s not many active codes yet, and codes tend to expire so look for them every once in a while. The ones so far haven’t been super lucrative, but hey, free stuff is free stuff.

Got codes I don’t have? Share them in a comment!

Updated 2020-10-14: New codes!

Genshin Impact Gift Codes

New! 30 PrimogemsYesgenshinMHY0MgenshinMHY0OgenshinMHY0I
30 Primogems
5x Adventure EXP
60 Primogems
10,000 Mora

How To Input Promo Codes

First you need to go to the Redeem Gift page on https://genshin.mihoyo.com. Note that the redeem page URL is different per-language, I’ve linked the English one. You’ll need to log in to your character, I recommend linking a Username/Email to your account first.

You can only log in to redeem gift codes with Email, Username, Facebook, or Twitter account. PS4 characters can’t get Gift Codes at all (but they get separate PS4 exclusive bonuses in their mail instead).

genshin impact how to redeem codes

Once you’ve logged into your mihoyo account you can just input the code, I’ve got all the known ones below.

After inputting the code, you’ll immediately get a Mail ingame to claim your reward.

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Genshin Impact How To Play Co Op

Co Op in Genshin Impact isn’t available by default, but you unlock it pretty quickly. It has some funky restrictions and requirements, so I’ll detail all you need to know about Co Op in Genshin Impact for PC, PS4, and mobile devices.

Feel free to share other Genshin Impact tips and ask questions in the comments! I can make more guides based on what questions people have.

Unlock Co Op In Genshin Impact

To unlock Co Op you must simply reach Adventure Rank 16. Keep clearing Story and Character quests and you should reach 16 before too long. If you still can’t play Co Op after unlocking the feature, you’re probably in a Story Quest, complete the quest to play.

You can start Co Op at any Domain with the Create Match button, or simply use the Co Op button on the Paimon menu if you are out in the world. Rather than hosting a game and inviting players, you join another player’s game. Be sure to add some Friends ingame to have people to co op with, it is very useful for Boss and Domain grinding.

Co Op play is cross-platform but you must be in the same server region.

What To Do In Co Op

  • Explore the world of the Host (World Level, unlocks, chests are all based on the Host)
    • Items picked up by any player disappear to other players; eg if you mine some Ore, it will be gone to the other players so be considerate
  • Challenge Abyssal Domains for Weapon/Talent/etc enhancement items
    • Each player can pay Original Resin to get Domain rewards. If one player is out they won’t get their rewards, but other players still can.
    • Note in Domains only 1 of each Character can be used across the party. Choose a good team based on which Domain it is, the suggested Elements work well.
  • Fight Monsters, Map Bosses, and Ley Line Outcrops
    • Each player can choose to pay Original Resin to get Ley Line Outcrop drops.
    • Plants in the world can only be collected by one player, then it disappears for everyone
    • Non-resin enemy drops and drops from ores are duplicated; each player can collect them separately! Grind ore in others’ worlds for this reason
  • Daily Commissions can be done as well

Co Op Limitations

  • You must be in the same server region
  • You cannot join a game in a higher World Level (lower is fine)
  • You cannot start or progress in most Quests
  • You can’t pick up Oculi, open Chests, or offer Oculi to the Statues of the Seven. The Host player can still do all of these, and it appears you get a small amount of Mora when they open chests.
  • You can’t use ingame Shops at all
  • You can’t play Spiral Abyss
  • You can’t use the same character as another player in Domains (out in the world it’s fine)
  • You’re limited to 1 or 2 characters in Co Op mode
    • In 4 Player Co Op each player can only pick 1 character
    • In 3 Player Co Op, the Host can pick between 2 characters, everyone else gets 1
    • In 2 Player Co Op, both players can pick between 2 characters
    • Open the Party menu to switch characters in Co Op. By default, you use the first character in your Party, not the character you selected before starting Co Op mode

“Currently Unable To Enter Another Player’s World”

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Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Halloween Event 2020 (Sanrio Collab)

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Halloween 2020 Event. Please consider supporting my Patreon (and get perks!) if my guides help you. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information and for links to other events.  

This one is basically the same as the Anniversary Event (the one that was really bad). It’s super confusing and there’s 6 different menus you need to use. Please bring back hidden fish devs, they were actually fun and way less complicated than this. There’s multiple IAP required things, things designed to burn your pearls, things just to slow you down.

The strange, extremely not-halloween-friendly characters are from Sanrio who makes Hello Kitty.

Halloween Tank

Note that part of this event takes place in the Halloween Tank. See the Halloween Tank Guide for that information to get the Dracula Girl fish.

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This version includes a feature to buy up to 10 event fish at once! Helps for upgrading the crab etc. Fusion/normal fish cannot be purchased in bulk.

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2020-10-06: Event released, guide released.

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Genshin Impact Current Events Guide

Genshin Impact, like every other F2P game ever, has events! Here I’ll keep track of the current events and what you need to do to claim all your rewards. Genshin Impact’s launch events are pretty minimal, so you can do all of them pretty quickly to get your rewards.

If you play on multiple platforms like I do, note the Events red notification dot may come back for no reason after swapping between PC and Mobile. Just opening the menu to check the different tab clears it. The Events icon is, oddly, the Compass on the main UI.

Feel free to share other Genshin Impact tips and ask questions in the comments! I can make more guides based on what questions people have.

Updated 2020-10-01: Launch events added

Events Tab Events

All current Genshin Impact events listed in the Events tab of the Paimon menu.

Test Run

Ends October 19th.
Drops: 20 Primogems, 6 Adventurer’s Experience, 3 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

A common F2P tactic, this is a “try out” event where you get to play as level 80 max-stat versions of the 3 Rate-Boosted characters in the current limited-pool Wish gachapon. You can play as Venti, Barbara, and Fischl in a short arena and get some very minor (but free!) rewards out of it. You can do this any time, but you don’t get to keep the characters.

Seize The Day

Ends October 13th.
Drops: 300 Primogems, 12 Hero’s Wit, 4 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 5 Sweet Madame, 8000 Mora

Just 7 daily rewards you can claim one after another. Log in each day to unlock the rewards, if you log in but forget to claim a reward, you can just open two rewards the next day. You have about 14 days total to get the 7 days of rewards, so just log in daily and it’s no problem.

Fate Foretold

Drops: Lisa (Character), Kaeya (Character), Prototype Rancour (Weapon Prototype), Favonius Warbow (Weapon)

I don’t know why this is listed as an event—this just tells you the story progress you need to make to get a few main-story rewards. Nothing here is time limited and all you do is complete main story quests to get it. They are useful characters and items however.

People’s Choice

Drops: Xiangling

Get Xiangling (melee fire element 4* unit) for free by completing a combat trial. You must be Adventure Rank 20 to try out for this, but there’s no rush as it doesn’t expire. She’s a decent unit, though since you start with Amber who’s a pretty useful Fire type, it’s not something you need to rush either.

Limited Wish Pool Gachapon

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Genshin Impact: How To Link Accounts

Genshin Impact released this week and there’s a variety of ways to create and link an account to your credentials. You only need one method, even just a username and password, to play Genshin Impact. However, if you’re concerned about losing your password it’s useful to link as many methods as you can.

I decided to make this quick little how-to as it’s a little confusing at first, I had to ask someone how to change credentials myself. Feel free to share other Genshin Impact tips and ask questions in the comments! I can make more guides based on what questions people have.

Use My Invite Code For Supplies!

In the current event you can enter my invite code of UN8SJC8J at the MiHoYo website you can get rewards. I don’t think this works for PS4 players but correct me if I’m wrong.

Video Version

Creating Your Account

It doesn’t matter which method you use to create your account at first (except for PS4 users! PS4 is not cross-save), so don’t be afraid to use Username, Mobile Phone, Email, or anything else. Just create an account and play through some of the intro until you can open the menu.

If you create an account and have second thoughts about using that email/twitter account, don’t worry, you can link a different method and unlink most account methods. So if you put in an email and want to use a different one, don’t abandon the account, just change the link. You cannot change Username however.

Link or Unlink Genshin Impact Accounts

Note you can’t link a method to 2 accounts: you must first log in to the linked account, add a second link option to that account, then unlink the mobile/email/google/etc account. Usernames cannot be unlinked.

To change your account links, go to the Paimon menu, the icon at the top left of the main UI:

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AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish Guide, Unlocks, & All Fish

AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish is officially out! Come chat about the game in our Discord. Unfortunately, there are no Hidden Fish or secrets, more or less. I miss searching out all the secrets but the devs don’t seem to care about that stuff.

My guides help you, you can buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi!  Catch up on new features on my YouTube, I do a new video for every new update/feature.  See the Guides Index for guides on other aspects of AbyssRium, or other games. You can also chat in my Discord server!

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AbyssRium World Game Info

Title: AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish
Platform: Android & iOS
Language: English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Spanish, German, Indonesian, Japanese, French, Korean, Russian
Release date: 2020-09-10
Developer: Flero Games
Price: Free to Play with ads and IAP
Genre: Aquarium Management Simulator
Filesize: >314 MB
Cloud Save: Yes, Google Play Games, iOS Game Center, and Facebook
Always Online: Yes.
Gambling element: Yes, countless Gachapons internally
Battery Drain: Very high
Data Usage: Moderate (No ads) to High (watching ads) Continue reading “AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish Guide, Unlocks, & All Fish”

Myuu Guide & Command List

Myuu is a Pokemon Discord Bot that’s a biiiit different from your usual ones. Unlike PokeTwo, and PokeRealm which aim to be Pokecord clones and PokeMeow which tries to be its own thing, Myuu works to replicate most of a real Pokemon game experience complete with gym battles, regions, throwing Pokeballs, and lots and lots of battling (perhaps even, too much)!

The bot advertises itself by saying you just use .menu and don’t need to memorize any other commands…but there’s a bit more to it than that. Here I’ll run through all commands in Myuu and how to make the best use of them. I’ll also explain the strategies you’ll need to win the game!

Myuu Guide Updates

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You can support me and my guides monthly on Patreon (and score some rewards like cute cat pictures)! The more I earn the more time I can spend on improving guides like this. My PayPal is a thing too if you can’t do monthly subscriptions.

Myuu Quickstart

Myuu is not like Pokecord. Pokemon will not randomly spawn. Instead, you’ll use the .menu to travel to different routes (try .route 1) and battle pokemon to level up. You can also throw Pokeballs to try and catch Pokemon. Use the Bag & Items menu to buy new Pokeballs and the Box menu to manage your Pokemon.

Your goal is to unlock more of the world to catch and battle Pokemon in; Gym Leaders unlock 3 more routes after being defeated and defeating the final Gym in a region unlocks the next one.

Battles are simulated pretty accurately to real Pokemon, closer to Pokemon Showdown than PokeCord—but probably still not quite as accurate. IVs, EVs, natures, Status Effects, Items and more are all accounted for.

Where to play Myuu

Myuu can be played in it’s official server  or by inviting the bot to your own server. Just type .menu to start a tutorial for how to play and battle. Tell the bot in the tutorial that @SirTapTap#3775 sent you for a bonus! Then you may use .pksetup to define its channels, if using your own server and don’t want it to spam up a chat channel.

Myuu Strategy

There are basically three main things to do in Myuu: Catch and Breed Pokemon, Battle NPCs to progress the game, and Battle Players. You’ll need to battle NPCs no matter what to unlock major regions, and battling players you’ll mainly want to do in the main Myuu server (it’s hard to find players otherwise—also, if that’s all you want, Pokemon Showdown is probably a better choice).

The first item you want to buy (other than some pokeballs) is the EXP Share All. You could be able to get it around the 5th or so Gym depending on your voting and daily streaks. The EXP Share All will greatly reduce grinding which is crucial; you’ll be grinding one set of 6+ Pokemon every region.

If you want to complete a region’s (kinda) Pokedex, it’s best to go route by route using ;routeinfo # to see which Pokemon you’ve caught at each. You can start at route 1 and use a False Swipe Pokemon to help you catch each Pokemon along the way. ;pokedex is broken and shows Seen Pokemon as Caught, as does the in-battle menu. Only ;routeinfo and ;pkinfo accurately show you if you’ve caught a Pokemon.

The best way to catch Pokemon is the same was as normal Pokemon: False Swipe to get HP down to 1, Thunder Wave or another Paralysis inflicting move to raise Catch Rate, then spam Pokeballs. Normally more expensive balls would be recommended (and they work here too!), but the price differential plus the relatively miserly amount of money Myuu bot gives you, it’s best to spam normal Pokeballs especially as there are no roaming legendaries etc.

Forms, Dynamax, Gigantimax and Mega Evolutions do not currently exist.


Eggs and Breeding work much the same was as normal Pokemon, though eggs appear to only hatch by a certain number of battles taking place. This makes Eggs a bit of a pain and EXP drain too (as they steal a party slot for which your EXP Share is useless).

Eggs take dozens of battles (looks like around 100 or more?) to hatch and I strongly recommend avoiding breeding too much, Pokemon can only be used in 1 region’s gym battles anyway and the effort is just not worth it.

Myuu Commands

Text commands can be directly used to skip using the .menu feature. For common actions this can save a lot of time. For clarity, I’ll run through the commands in the way the game presents them through the menu.

Most actions only work on Pokemon in your current team. Pokemon are referred to directly by name unless stored in a box, in which case they’re referred to by their box row/column combination like a1 for the first slot. Only one Pokemon of each species can be in your party, probably due to the refer-by-name thing.


Voting gives you a 1 hour 2x XP boost (reported at the top of the battle screen), a few diamonds and PKC based on your voting streak. It’s best to focus your grinding against wild pokemon in this one hour window! The game is pretty grindy otherwise. I recommend getting an EXP Share All and Lucky Eggs as soon as possible. By Gym 6-8 their cost should be pretty easy to absorb.


All commands related to your current battle team of 6 Pokemon. Use these to prepare for battles.

View your team, levels, and Badge progress. Basically a trainer card.
.mypkinfo <Pokémon>
Check a pokemon on your team for level, moves, stats, IVs/EVs, ability and more information.
.learn <Pokémon> <move>
Learn a new move for a Pokemon. Use .moves <pokemon> to see what’s available.
Move Keys seem to be very rare drops from .route battles.
.swap <position 1>, <position 2>
Example: .swap 1, 2
Swap the order of your Team. Pokemon 1 will always start the battle, so it’s the most important one to keep in mind. The rest don’t matter much as you can call them out manually when switching.
.swapmoves <Pokémon> <position 1> <position 2>
Swap the position of two moves from your Pokémon
.pkname <Pokémon> <nickname>
Nicknames a Pokemon in your team.

.release <pokemon>

Releases a Pokemon on your current team. If your boxes are full and you have lots of duplicates, this will help you save on space if you don’t need the extras.

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Soda Dungeon 2 Best Pets Guide

I’ve really been enjoying Soda Dungeon 2 lately and thought I’d make some quick references for people a bit confused like I was. The wiki has been very useful for me as well! Just a quickie today, which pets should I use in Soda Dungeon 2?


Pets each provide a 1-2% boost of a certain stat per level, and level up to level 8 at maximum. They’re leveled simply by bringing them along with you as you defeat enemies, and your first pet is free.

Pets can all be comfortably bought without caps by grinding for coins mid-game, though if you have caps left over, buying one of the better 1M coins pets to help you grind early isn’t the worst idea. But I’d save your caps for major features like the speed up clock (my favorite) if you can.

Best Pet in Soda Dungeon 2

So what’s the best pet? It depends! These pets are you most likely best bet, but with a specific build in mind, the others may still come in handy.

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