Super Zangyura Trophy & Unlocks Guide

Super Zangyura trophy guide

Super Zangyura is out on PS4/Vita/PS5 in English now! I couldn’t find a good trophy guide so…I made one! Here are all the trophy descriptions, unlocks, and tricks you should need to get that platinum trophy!

Super Zangyura Controls

Most of the controls work as simply as described, though I highly recommend changing the default Attack and Jump commands to be on Square and X instead of the default. I like X to jump and Square to attack.

Secret techniques:

Jump while charging an attack to fall slower. Essential to reach certain items, especially in Hard.

Jump after being hit to do a mid-air hop, is essential to escape some constant-hit traps or save yourself from a bad fall.

Sometimes the Charge Attack will be required to break walls for secrets or even to proceed. If stuck, hit everything. Sometimes a normal attack and charged attack have different results.

Attack while moving forward to attack just a bit farther.

Attacking while crouching can help hit certain objects, usually through small gaps.

Charging an attack also blocks projectiles from above, even the “laser” from Rooks, essential in some areas.

The Dash can seem useless to a casual player, but it’s essential at some points to cross gaps. In higher difficulties, you’ll need to be very familiar with exactly how far you will dash. Also, it’s faster than walking so good for speed runs.

Super Zangyura Trophies (Epics)

Each Trophy is listed in the Epics menu, giving a vauge hint before being unlocked and the actual description after unlocking. The PSN Trophy lists the hint, not the real solution. Most will be obtained simply by beating Super Zangyura once and completing the Mythics in Time Trials.

Story Trophies

All but one of these can (and should) be obtained on Easy, especially if it’s your first time playing.

Pieris – Pelopidas – Polygonia – Parantica – Palilio

Obtained for beating stages 1-5 in Easy or Hard mode. If you’re having trouble, buying more lives is usually the best investment.


The only significantly hard trophy in Super Zangyura, this requires you to beat Overture Mode which will probably take a couple of hours.

Overture Mode is not as hard as Knightmare, but it is quite hard and mostly consists of Door puzzles where it’s easily possible to open the wrong door with a key and make it impossible to finish the stage. I highly recommend John Rodon’s videos showing how to beat each stage:

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4

Mystic Trophies

These all pertain to the icons in Time Trial for levels, the Hourglass for Checkpoint time trials, the Gem for Treasure Mystics (finding all gold gems in the level), the Zodiac Sign, and the Grimoire for the Area 5 boss. All of these can and probably should be obtained on Easy difficulty, though you can unlock the first 2-3 areas of Hard difficulty if you want some more variety of stages to play. Early Hard levels are at least shorter than late Easy ones if maybe not easier.

Saturniidae – Attacus – Coscinocera

Get 1 – 5- 10 Hourglass Mystics. These are gotten by Chaining all Checkpoints in a level. There is a mark in Time Trial showing you which stages you’ve got them on.

There will be a timer after you hit your first Checkpoint and it will show how many left to go. You get the mystic after touching the last checkpoint without losing the chain, even if you die later. Note this is unrelated to the Time Attack times, and Chronus Shop items don’t apply in Time Trial except Extra Lives.

If you’re having trouble with later Easy stages, try beating the first 2 areas on Hard and then try them in Time Trial mode.

Birdwing – Alexandra – Goliath

Get 1 – 5 – 10 Treasure Mystics. These are gotten by collecting all Gold Gems in a level. There is a mark in Time Trial showing you which stages you’ve got them on. The Gem icons in the bottom right during a level show you how many Gems you have/need to get. Most Treasures are hidden in breakable walls, so check every corner. A rare few are in breakable light fixtures.

If you’re having trouble with later Easy stages, try beating the first 2 areas on Hard and then try them in Time Trial mode.

Scales of (Zodiac Sign)

These are obtained by getting the Zodiac mystic in each stage, as usual, this can be done in Easy. There will be a room in each non-boss level where a blue flame you can’t interact with. Defeat all floating Pumpkin Heads in that area and you’ll hear a sound, that’s the Mystic dropping, simply go back and collect it.

These are usually fairly easy, but note that leaving a room respawns all pumpkin heads. Each one in all 12 main levels has one.

Grass Yellow

Get the Grimoire Mystic from the Final Boss in Normal/Easy. As far as I can tell just beating her as fast as you can should get you all 3, and just fighting her and winning will easilly get you the one you need for this trophy.

Other Trophies


Platinum trophy, get all other trophies to unlock.


Clear a stage within the Target Time, this is doable in Time Attack. a Boss stage is often easiest. Difficulty doesn’t matter. Once you know a boss’ patterns you can spam them easily, especially the first boss.


At the end of level 3B there’s a “fake” exit requiring a white key that’s not in the level. By using the 800G White Key from the shop, you can open this but only in Story Mode, not time attack. You have to beat the game first to legitimately have the key.

However, you can instead break the wall that the moving platform at the end brings you to, then walk forward and fall through the floor to land in-between the white key door and the exit door. Thanks to Anonymous for this tip!

Entering the door is a small minigame where you can get large bags of G, and also this trophy.

Glacial Apollo

Beat a boss without taking damage. Very easy with the first peeing statue boss: just hide between the raised platforms and hit him with a charged shot once he leaves and after he stops firing. It’s impossible to be hit if you time it right.


Found and ate the Wall Turkey. Wall turkey drops in several places and you’ll probably find this on accident.


Touch the instant-kill poison. One of these drops on 2A Easy mode, so you’ll almost certainly get this on accident.

Game Modes


“Easy” mode, it is still quite difficult your first playthrough but can be done quite practically without Chronus Shop if you like. Highly recommend you play this first to unlock other content and Time Trials before playing Hard. The levels are different it’s not just a damage multiplier. Almost all trophies can be unlocked on this mode.


Hard mode, is extra trolly even compared to Easy mode. Levels are different than in Easy mode and create separate listings in Time Attack mode which is useful for getting Mystics


To unlock, beat Super Zangyura once, then start a new game on Easy or Hard mode (not Knightmare). Maid San’s voice will be swapped with the Chronus Shop owner. You can turn this off in Config from the Main Menu afterward. At this point, the shop will sell the Exclusive Invitation for 1000G which unlocks Overture mode.

An extremely hard mode that changes levels completely and favors a structure of Key Door puzzles over platforming. Easy to make mistakes that require restarting the whole level. Required for only one trophy. Recommend the video guides linked in the Trophy section to find what doors to open.

Additionally, the Spare Keys, which would almost only help on this mode, are not allowed to be used here. There is no circumventing the Key puzzles. (the Keymaster might work, but it would require crazy amounts of grinding).


Unlock by beating Super Zangyura once on any difficulty. Nothing extra is required to unlock it, unlike Overture.

Extremely hard, one level below I Wanna Be The Guy level stuff. Extreme trolling, all candles drop Poison, enemies are vicious, etc. Only if you truly want to suffer. Not required for any Trophies.

Time Attack

Essential for seeing which Mystics you’ve unlocked for trophies or 100% Completion. Note Chronus Shop items do not apply here except Extra Lives. Recommend clearing all of Easy and the first 2 areas of Hard to get enough stages to grind Mystics and G in.

Chronus Shop

A “Cheat Shop” that gives you bonuses that help you beat the game, there is no penalty for using it. Keys cannot be used in Overture Mode though, and none of these features can be used in Time Trials other than extra lives (which don’t really help much in that mode).

To grind G, I recommend Hard Area 1B (200G in <1 minute after you find the 2 100G bags). Easy 2A is a bit easier but slower at 100G. 100G bags always spawn in the same place so keep an eye out for them, 1 and 10 G drops are random.

Most items will unlock simply by progressing the main story once in Easy mode. Overture must be unlocked to get a couple of items toward the bottom. Beating Super Zangyura once unlocks the White Key, and opening the White Key door in 3B unlocks the Fortune Cookie item at the bottom of the Key list.

Some may be unlocked by Mystics, I’m unsure.

Vacuumed Empty Vessel (extra HP) – Won’t prevent most deaths but can help a bit and they’re cheap.

Halo Fragment (Extra Life) – 10 is usually plenty and they’re cheap. More for Knightmare.

Modern Forged Iron Ball (Extra Damage) – Buying one is very useful for Hard mode to beat enemies in 1 hit, after that it gets too expensive.

Weighted Stockings (Lower Knockback) – Effect is minimal, but Hard mode loves to troll with knockback into instant KOs, so it could help.

Golden Stardust extends Checkpoint time, largely useless since it doesn’t work in Time Trial. Useful if, for some reason, you want to do a 100% run in a single go but also don’t mind using Chronus Shop.

Rabbit’s Pocket Watch extends rewind Time which I don’t find very helpful but speedrunners might?

The Mr.Lockmaster is basically a joke all of Platine’s games include, in theory, it would be amazing but its cost is insane.

The Spare Keys are single use—your count permanently goes down after using them. They do not work in Overture or Time Trials. They only work in the right color door, and generally aren’t too useful unless you’re really struggling. They can be alright in Hard Mode but get expensive fast.

Fortune Cookie gives a random key. It’s weighted toward the cheapest keys and doesn’t seem very worth it unless you really want a lot of keys and have extra G.

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  1. Thanks for the guide! I just have one minor correction I’d like to make. For the Phalaenopsis trophy, you actually don’t need to buy a white key. You can break the wall that the moving platform at the end brings you to, then walk forward and fall through the floor to land in-between the white key door and the exit door.

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