Seven Streams A-Streaming: A Holiday Week Of Streams

It’s the end of the year, and we’ve got one last week of streaming to make it count! For the holidays I’m taking a few days off, and as a result I’ll be free to do more streaming than usual. So I gave it a cute little name and I’m announcing Seven Streams A-Streaming, 7 mostly holiday or winter related streams! I’ll have a New Year’s announcement on this site too, so stay tuned.

All streams start 7PM Central and on my YouTube channel, unless otherwise noted.

Dec 24th: Christmas Games

Starting with the obvious, there’s several Christmas games I’ve meant to do for ages and never did. We’re fixing that on December 24th at 7 PM! It will be a random selection of mostly Flash Christmas games with some others thrown in there, and maybe a Mario Rom Hack or two.

🔴SirTapTap Plays Merry Gear Solid 1 & 2 + Christmas Games

Dec 25th: Non-Denominational Winter Holiday YTPs Stream!

Of course it’s a war on Christmas!!! YouTube Poops and other silly crap for us to watch all relating to the big, besieged day. Playlist by RaysOfRed.

🔴Non-Denominational Winter Holiday YTP Stream | Seven Streams A-Streaming

Dec 26th: Subnautica Below Zero

Ring in the cold af new year season with a deep arctic dive! I adored the first Subnautica and beat it many times, but this will be my first playthrough of the sequel!

🔴SirTapTap Plays Subnautica Below Zero

Dec 27th: Culture Night

This one will be in the Discord, we have a new weekly Voice Chat watch party. It’ll be something Christmassy or Newyearsy probably. Pop in the Discord and find out!

Dec 28th: Subnautica Below Zero

This will be a moderately long stream series for sure, so part 2 is scheduled already.

🔴SirTapTap Plays Subnautica Below Zero | Prawn Suit vs ICE WORM

Dec 29th: Until Dawn Snapcube Dub Watch Party

Listen, Until Dawn is a christmas…okay it’s a winter game. We’re going to be watching and reacting to the Snapcube Real Time Fandub of Until Dawn. I loved the game and can’t wait to see the messed up version!

🔴Snapcube Until Dawn Fandub Watch Party | Seven Streams A-Streaming

Dec 30th: Code MENT

This is actually…you see…okay this has nothing to do with winter or holidays, we’ve just been meaning to stream it for a while. Code MENT is a Code Geass “Abridged” style edited YouTube parody, and we’re gonna watch it together and laugh.

🔴#LetsWatch Code MENT | SirTapTap Reacts

Dec 31st: New Year’s Drinking Game Stream

In order to avoid ending a year sober, me, Anda, Woods, and Exggerated Swagger will be once again playing a Board Game Drinking Game to ring in the new year! We will most likely be playing Sonic Shuffle again, or possible a Mario Party. Feel free to pick sides and drink when your ‘team’ does!

🔴 SirTapTap Plays Sonic Shuffle | New Years Drinking Game Stream!

And there it is, seven days of holiday…ish, streams for all to enjoy.

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