In The Year 2024

2024, sounds so futuristic, doesn’t it? I’ve got some plans for this year and I figured what better day to post them. Not quite New Years Resolutions as I’ve started on most of these items at the end of 2023, but more how I’ll be focusing my work.


The big things for me this year are quality and ownership. I’d like to get some proper custom emoji art and other supporting art for my videos and community, start selling some basic Merch, and upgrade my equipment where I can get the most bang for my buck.

I don’t make a ton online, but I make more than you might think; delightfully in that frustrating middle between “not worth caring about” and “actually viable to live on”. So I’ll be reinvesting where I can to keep my articles and videos up, and I even did some depressing Will writing to make sure my videos and articles are preserved in perpetuity. Hopefully.

As for ownership, 2023 saw the rise of the Fediverse which is honestly the first time I’ve been significantly positive about online spaces since web 2.0 siloed us up and sold us off for parts. The whole Twitter explosion made me rethink how much I depend on callous-to-evil corporate empires I have no control over or recourse from, so I’d like to host as much of my content on my own website that I can. It’s not easy doing that with 3000+ videos of relatively high bitrate and length…but I’m exploring my options and at least my short videos will be available on as well as YouTube.

More symbolically, I’m trying to call my videos “my videos” rather than “my youtube” and such. I make videos, I just happen to use YouTube. I’ve pulled back on many sites, but I’m still on Social Media on YouTube, Mastodon.Social, and Discord. I’m already looking for ways to self-host my mastodon presence and maybe set up a Matrix server that talks to my Discord so I have more ownership there.

The Website

Important for both quality and ownership is the physical specs of my site. I’ve already upgraded some critical infrastructure for around the end of last year, for the interest of completeness I’ll list the prices on my upgrades:

  • Domain Name ($10/year)
  • Cloudflare Pro Plan ($240/year)
  • Linode VPS Hosting, $24 a Month plan ($288/year)
  • Linode Backups $(60/year)

Mostly boring technical stuff, but the better Hosting and Cloudflare plans mean I can absorb a lot more traffic and have much less downtime. I also started a status page at with some nice uptime monitoring from Betterstack. I can already see that some minor, brief outages disappeared after the hosting upgrade!

I’ve also had many equipment purchases at home like the Streamdeck for smoother streaming.

More importantly though, I plan to write for the site more, likely more guides and “What I’ve Been Playing” type articles. I’m not much of a Content Hustler but I feel my gaming thoughts would be better served in long form on a more permanent home than Social Media, again partly due to the Twitter thing. I’ve got my Twitter archive and a couple ways I could put it up on the site, just deciding how exactly.

I’m also not the biggest fan of the name “SirTapTap” with the gendered title and all, but I have to admit it’s catchy, short, and unique. I might explore some possible alternatives, but for now you can just call me TapTap.


I’m making an effort to more regularly livestream and get back to my Avant Garden content (alt games, art games, interactive fiction, weird crap, whatever you want to call it) which had been lacking in 2023. I might also get to more uploads which fell by the wayside, aside from the cat shorts which I feel have been pretty good. We have a schedule of streams in my Discord Server and I even made a Google Calendar if you really want to get fancy about it.

I’m planning 2 streams a week at least, a Movie Night in the discord (and eventually maybe Matrix), and I’m also going to look at Owncast and self-hosting for my own videos.


Of course there’s a Cats section. Two little fluffballs joined the household last year, named Soot Sprite and Mr. Shine (or Soot and Shine). I bet you can tell which is which. I was only going to get one, but Shine is very pensive and doesn’t do well without his sister, so I got them as a set after I saw them.

Mr. Shine, a medium sized shorthaired "blonde" kitten, and Soot Sprite, a medium sized torby (tortoise shell + tabby marked cat)

The kittens join a somewhat pensive Parker who’s still getting used to their presence. I’m sure in a few more weeks he’ll be fine with them, he’s already gone from hissing and running to wandering past them with just a silent scowl.

Parker gave me a pretty bad health scare late last year and we’re still keeping an eye on him, but aside from kitten-related stress, his meds and prescription food have him acting normal again!

Parker, an orange fluffy cat

My home has been kind of a disastrous journey to renovate, way way way over schedule after a particularly dumb business decision on my part, but with the kittens moving in it finally feels like a proper home. I always thought I’d get a second cat once I finally got full use of both floors, so getting the kittens is something of a capstone.

So that’s pretty much it, looking forward to 2024, please register to vote and thanks for joining my journey through this silly planet and stupid timeline. Let’s make the best of it.

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