SirTapTap’s Spooktober Streams 2023

SirTapTap's halloween stream schedule. Details further in post.

It’s that most special time of the year; October! And that means a Spooktober Streamathon is here. Jumpscare Horror games aren’t everyone’s thing, so my Halloween streams focus on more dream-like, surreal, and chilling games. Don’t expect too many jump scares or survival horror games, but more silly or strange games in the vein of Yume Nikki with more pumpkins and bats injected in there.

At 6 PM Central every Thursday and Friday of the month, we’ll be streaming! I’ve already planned out the first half of the month below with links straight to where you can find the stream. Come chat with us and get spooked!

Join our Discord, watch for updates on Mastodon, or follow me on YouTube to stay up-to-date. Can’t wait to get spooked? Check out the existing VODs from my 2021 and 2018 Spooktober stream-a-thons or my Lo-Fi Horror Game Playlist!

10/5: Halloween Flash Games

My favorite zombie, Flash, was never as dead as anyone says. We’ll be playing a collection of games straight from that, indeed, you can play in your browser without Adobe Flash! Emulation, people, it’s a thing. A good one!

I haven’t spoiled myself on the games yet, but the Deep Sleep series is a fantastic set of unnerving point and click Flash games.

🔴Let's Play Halloween Flash Games! | SirTapTap's Spooktober

10/6: Spooky Jackbox

The First Friday of the month is Board Game Night, so we’ll be playing the SPOOKIEST games. Monster Seeking Monster, Trivia Murder Party…okay this is challenging but just be spooky in the games, okay?

🔴Jackbox With Discord #53 | SirTapTap's Spooktober Game Night

10/12: The Indigo Parallel

This was recommended to me after my LSD Dream Emulator playthrough, it looks great! I haven’t spoiled myself much, but the game looks much like a contemporary remake of the original LSD with the same dreamlike, unnerving vibe.

🔴Let's Play The Indigo Parallel | Weirdest Steam Game?🤯

10/13: Halloween YouTube Poop Watch Party

Horror and Comedy mix better than you’d think; this is a set of Halloween or horror themed YouTube Poop videos for us to laugh/scream at! Thanks to RaysofRed for putting most of the list together.

🔴Halloween YTP Watch Party | SirTapTap's Spooktober

And More Coming Soon…

The rest will be revealed in due time.

Do you have suggestions or favorite Halloween games/experiences to share? Post them in the Comments or let me know in live chat during the streams!

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